Arcanyst budget Faie?


I’ ve got some arcanyst 'cuz atm i’m using as main an arcanyst reva, then i got some of those minions, can someone suggest a list for faie?
Hmmm a budget one can be perfect, just to have a base for start!
I’m out of dust and managing the dust for my fav faction that are shongai,vanar and abyssan…
Thanks for the attenction

Atm I’ ve got:
The scientyst 1x
owlbeast 3x
lightbender 2x
sun seer 3x
prismatic illusionist 1x
firestartere 1x
abjudicator 1x

Atm im using

And is goins surprising well, nvm (rank 13/14)


I used to run a similar Arcanyst Faie deck, with some acceptions of course. I highly reccomend running Polarity, as it is a great finisher with Owl Beast Sage, and it gains the Health boost before swapping stats. The Scientist is an interesting pick, I never thought of using him in the deck, yet I think that if you choose to run him, you should definetly add more buff spells. I reccomend Wailing Overdrive (+5/+5 for 4 isn’t that bad) and possibly boundless courage if you are considering running Scientist.


I just tried one of these for the first time last night. I am new, so you may do better, but I found it extremely difficult. Everyone right now is running tons and tons of removal and dispel, and it wreaks havoc with this type of deck. I’m sure you can do well with it if you are experienced in the archetype, but it’s challenging.


Hmmm @qeltar yay at a first try can be a little intricate, but is really simple, more than the shongai version!
In the end is just some creature that have some buff with every magic you cast, the difficult part is to wedge in all!

@akurane yay you’re right, thinking to remove scientyst, ‘cuz is too expensive and -1/2 avalanche for polarity and dunno, made with what I’ ve got, need some test and a bit of dust to make more coherent!