Arcanyst attempt with The Scientist


Right now I’m trying out this deck, the idea is to fill out a base of very healthy minions with the owlbeast sage synergy, then bring out the scientist in order to keep on drawing more useful cards.

I put in the spellbinder and eclipse just to try them out, since I’ve never had the chance to use them, a 7/9 certainly seems intimidating.

Note: It includes 2 Mirror Melds as well (duelystdb doesn’t have them yet), I don’t know whether I’ll keep it, since the only valid targets are the prismatic illusion tokens, aethermaster and chakri avatar. It does trigger the scientist so I thought I’d give it a try.

I haven’t tested the deck extensively but it was some good fun.


I feel the deck would be a lot better if you just went with the stand midrange deck with usual arcanysts and find some room for scientists. I don’t even dislike the ecplises but I don’t think there is any point in running them without IF. It’s such a good card in general plus it works well with the scientist too.


Huh, couldn’t find any lists for the current mid-range Songhai. I made some changes based on your comment and I’ll test it out some more.


@paulmuaddib Wow how did you make that cool picture?



Build a deck using the link he posted, and convert to landscape format


Thanks to you both :slight_smile:


Arcanyst Songhai is really fun alright :smiley:

Why no Onyx Seal?
Why no Spiral Technique?
Lots of cheap spells. Do you ever burn your hand too quickly before getting The Scientist?


Tried revising it a little more and came up with this.

In some of the matches I wouldn’t get the scientist because it ended too early, either due to the synergy of owlbeast and chakri avatar or prismatic illusionist.

In the games that did include the scientist, I aimed to utilize any 0 cost spells to trigger him on the turn in which he was summoned. Due to his cost, you’ll ideally want to have a manaforger out, wait until you have more mana or have a safe place to keep him. jux will trigger him so it’s a good strategy to put him in a corner and then move him to your opponent while triggering him.

You probably won’t keep him for too many turns, since his 6/6 body will be clearing out any threats and he’s a prime candidate for any dispells that the magi, foxes, avatars or owlbeasts didn’t eat, so either keep another one handy or set up for the next turn without him.

He seems to be more of a second or third to last turn finisher, you probably won’t win the game the turn you summon him, but it will make it easier to win on the next few.


Here’s a video of one of my more successful uses of the scientist with this deck, mainly because I got him out on turn 3.

The effect stacks, so it would probably be best if you only keep one out at a time, since you’d end up throwing cards away if you made huge plays.

Heck I can barley empty my hand a few turns in this one and end up burning a card away a few times because of that.

Successful use of The Scientist.

In times that I lose it mainly comes down to not being able to set up either the Owlbeast, Avatar or Illusionist due to each of them being a little fragile. So don’t be afraid to pump them with a spell or two when you first summon them, just don’t go to far, otherwise it’s your loss when they play a Blistering Scorn and kill all of your illusions or dispel your 6/7 avatar that you summoned last turn.