Arcane and WALLet Warrior Kara


Arcane Kara:

This is the partially upgraded list for my budget Arcane Kara. It is a smooth stepping stone before the final list.

We run a couple arcanyst which benefit from the spell heavy list. Polarity+a high health boosted arcanyst thanks to owlbeast is an insane burst. Kara’s BBS works exceptionally well with walls and token summons. We have a small card generation/board control engine with Cryogensis, Snow Chaser, Elemental, and bonechill barrier. One important thing to know about playing the deck is that while you have a lot of low cost things try not to empty out your hand early. It is ok to not spend all of your mana in a turn, and to just hold onto 0 cost spells. The deck is all about combining a chain of cards together with Karas BBS and or one of our arcane spell synergies. Until you can do that play conservatively and try to control the board.

So for this list we cut some of the more clunky budget choices to fit Aether and his partners Kron and widow. Kron works really well with Karas Bbs. Aether just happens to be an arcanyst so he has synergy with owlbear as well. Polarity goes to two and Fire Starter sadly goes to one to make room for the replace engine.

So once your able to afford gravity well it may be time to let go of elemental and bonechill, While it is a great little combo it is a little clunky, as individually the cards are just ok in this deck. Trading in loremaster and gravity gives you some much needed lock down and card advantage. Then we trade chaser for a single Ancient grove which gives another late game drop and keeps cryogensis still useful as a cycle.

One more variant uses lady lock and good midrange picks to make a well rounded deck without being as reliant on replace/arcane gimicks.

WALLet Warrior

So it is a very expensive wall deck packed with legendaries(thus the name.) Early on it looks to flood the field with walls which now work very well with Karas Bbs.

Walls are excellent transform targets, and sister makes it hard to avoid them. Since the deck already wants to include bonechill barrier it makes sense to include the hand advantage/board control kit of chaser, Cryo, Elemental as well. Grove works quite well with Karas Bbs since all the little trees turn into 2/2s and the deck is also fairly swarmy.

The deck has some excellent finishers with Jax becoming 2/2s with Karas BBs combined with the classic combo of Razorback. The deck floods the field quite well with walls so razor back can get some work done there as well, not to mention the game ender Winters Wake.

A fun alternative to razor/grove is Lady Lock. While you won’t quite have the same killing power she certainly increases your control game and helps keep things by your walls

Keep’er hold of yur WALLet Kara!:

Yes the name is just a bad pun.

So it’s mostly WALLet Warrior Kara, but it also includes the OTK combo Displacer, Huldra, and Dryad/sister. The only other creatures are Grove/Tiger/Keeper. Because it’s all walls keeper will always bring back your Displacer to try OTK again, or get really good value with tiger or grove. Its also inherently good with Kara since it is a two for 1 body.

Replace expensive stuff early on in order to dig for removal/early game plays and for your combo. Focus on denying globes and board control. All you need to do is survive until you are either ready to combo or start getting huge value out of keeper. Remember you don’t want to play any of the combo parts other then Displacer because they will mess up keepers summons and of course prevent you from being able to get that 22 damage out of no where.

I have made it to S rank for several seasons now, barring some where I was only able to play around 20 games the entire month, even then I was still diamond. Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better when I do eventually get around to it. If you would like to check out my previous post:

My budget lists and thoughts for new players
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Thanks man, greatly appreciate your deck insight! I certainly recognize your name from the few times I have faced you (and lost) when I was in diamond/S-rank. Keep the quality content coming!


Glad your enjoying it :D, I recognize you as well, we seem have gotten matched up fairly often lately.


Sooooo expensive, damn!!
Saving spirit for the wallet list…-.-
Will be sooooo long!
Nothing more cheap for wall kara?


sadly wall decks are among themost expensive. There’s no real alternative to gravity well besides… Well bonechill+ lady locke which is the same in terms of spirit…
These lists looks interesting.


I always like taking a look at your decks man! they always feel fresh and different, “out of the box”.

So you dont stream, but do you have any video where i can see you use any of this decks? :slight_smile:


Sadly no, I do have a budget list for the arcane version. But yea Kara is just very expensive, there are quite a few neat ways to build her, but they all revolve around a bunch of different legends, no matter the route it always ends up expensive. Here is another variant I have been enjoying:

Lady lock is just a better version of Karas bbs so it leads to some fun situations. Its very well rounded, with healing and card advantage. Its a little cheaper, but not by much.


I would love to, sadly my computer is in a cancerous state, and screen capture software wont cooperate with it. Sadly I already cant find time to stream much less do the much needed computer maintenance. Once I finish my bachelors in the next couple months I should have a lot more free time.


I followed the budget deck list and personally it’s really going to need quite a set up to pull off the combos. BUT it is fun as hell once you get a hang of it. It remains quite flexible given that you have both the Vespyr Combo and the Arcanysts that turn into absolute brutes with Owlbeast Sage.

I’m looking forward to upgrading to one of the decks listed here - hope I get lucky opening packs for the spirit.

Thanks, @deathsadvocate! :cookie:


Glad it has served you well, it is certainly a tough deck to pilot.