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App keeps crashing

Desribe the issue:

App crashes when loading up a game (on ladder) and had crashed when fighting the boss before as well

What’s your Phone/Model?

Iphone 6

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Crashes occur now even during normal gameplay. (Previously only saw it during this week’s boss battle and trying to load up a ladder match). Board wasn’t flooded (1 1/7 celebrant, 2 iron dervishes (2/1 and 4/2 respectively, and 1 2/3 golem metallurgist + both generals) so I’m not sure what would cause it to crash.

I also forgot to mention this in the OG post, but when it crashes, it goes straight to the menu screen and doesn’t give the option to continue the battle.

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I will be avoiding laddering on the iOS beta until the issue has been solved or at the very least, an indication to repairs are made on it. Good luck to all (I hope that I can get a new screen case for my phone soon)

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App crashed again, but it may have been due to my phone trying to connect to mall wifi. If someone can check that (playing a match then go into an area where it automatically asks you if you want to join a wifi server) to see if it crashes again that would be well appreciated. It ended on a good game too :frowning:

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