Aperion Discussion, where to go?


Is there a forum for this yet? I’m curious where would be best to discuss their new game, but I guess we gotta wait until they promote it?


Basically this, there’s nothing to talk about right now


Actually, Project Aperion is just the code name for Duelyst: Battle Royale, which I already officially revealed. We can talk about how awesome that’s going to be here!


Alright, well, as long as they didn’t try to make their own version of Battleborn/Paragon, which is exactly the PVP/PVE Online tag-line and screenshot looks like…


Rumor has it that CPG is currently working on two new games. The screenshot may or may not be Project Aperion.


What screenshot?


Where would one acquire this info



I heard it from @kirabi.


Just looked at that about us page and the only game I’m worried about seeing on there is Paragon from the past game experiences of the team/people. I remember being the beta for that (in 2016?) and it was… not good. Hope, whatever this new game is has an opt-in for an Alpha or Beta at some point in the future. Always fun to join them and see where the game ends up later down the line.


Oh no, it’s AAA online combat game :sleepy:

I was hoping for SP.

I don’t like the genre…


i’m scared when the word AAA and online comes together and blizzard or Valve isn’t in the sentence.

melee combat pvp is pretty niche so i’m reaaaaally hoping they’re going for a unique exp we’ve never seen before OR go for a sweet PvE/rpg exp.

melee combat games come and go the market all the time :frowning: even the ones considered pretty good :frowning:


Am I the only one here secretly hoping for a game with a skill tree so diverse you need 5 years to experience all the different combos? After Duelyst I’ve suddenly realized how good it can be to put variety into an age-old archetype of games. I just hope no matter how bad it is, this Project Aperion thing has the variety I’m looking for.


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