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Anyone having any success with Ilena Cryobyte?

Long time Vanar player here. I had some success with Faie decks, but honestly, I got so much hate for them (people add me afterwards just to rant and complain about Faie… that never happens with the other generals…) that I thought I’d try the new Vanar general for a bit. But it’s not so easy…

Ilena’s BBS is amazing with iceshatter gauntlet. But if you don’t draw the gauntlet, or if its destroyed, then its not so hot. Also, it’s great for killing minions but it’s not really a game winner like Faie’s.

I know the expansion has just been released, but if you guys have any tips for me for building a cryodeck, I would appreciate it. I’m guessing an artifact based deck would best suit her?

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Isn’t there also that card which puts a copy of a stunned minion into your action bar? That seems pretty good.

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I’d say a minion based deck would suit her better. Minions being the main wincon that is. Use her bbs as a way to deal with problematic minions and work your way to establishing better board state.

Vanar was given a lot of vespyr support and infiltrate got denadoro (which i have yet to pull) so just go with buffs and work from there

the BBS gauntlet combo is good. I’ve been meeting some people who run cryobyte on the ladder. The ones I met in silver often make the mistake of equipping it on t1. The gold ones just held onto them and used the BBS gauntlet combo as a cheap removal. even if it does get removed, a 2 mana equivalent of entropic decay is pretty good don’t you think?

I was actually working on a nasty deck with stun/vespyrs.
Hope you’ll see it on ladder

I had a good runs with my ilena decks.
It’s really depends on your hand and keeping the steam up.

A couple of pointers to your deck - 3 essence is useless, you basically paying 2 mana for a minion that you will have to pay more mana for, while vanar already got great synergy in hand .
Shatter - is meh, only good if you stun a threat from afar, near your general use guantlet.

I would prefer using in faction synergies, that’s where the money at and it’s more fun this way.

how are you finding hydrogarm? and what rank are you?

Cruising over diamond (this deck took on several s rankers too)
Hydrogarm is a great card in my opinion, works well for mass stun and pinging, great for setting for guantlet and stallimg board.

Walls + Ghost Seraphim combo works nice: the opponent is busy having fun hacking walls (less gravity, more stun walls) at the pace dictated by Ilena thanks to Stun.
If they hack too much, throw her in the middle of the battle, all you need is 1 turn to wipe out 24 life points out of the opponent.

As for now, most decks teching for walls besides - walls works better with kara and faie.
Ilena is more tempo and minion centered.

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