Anyone Have Some Good Deck Ideas for me?


I certainly can’t say I know every card in Duelest, especially with the newest cards. Does anyone know of some kind of decks that go off a bit from the beaten path. I don’t really fit in with in with any of the basic factions, the closest I feel is Lyonar or Vanar. In every card game I played, I liked to do a deck that let me control the field using creatures on the field. I never liked being a pure caster, so something dealing with getting and keeping creatures on the field would be great. I also like having to make choices, so I’m not too big of fan towards pets but I wouldn’t be against having or two.

The only other decks I know about are Replace and Mechs, not too big on either of those.

If anyone has suggestions I be up to hear them, or like to send me to decklists on the forum that be great.


So like a tempo deck? Where you always strive to have board control?


If its something about staying in the lead, and keeping the opponent down it be nice. Though again, I haven’t had much fun playing basic Lyonar.


J’s deck, maybe a tad bit outdated:

Fairly accurate tier list with decklists:
Grinch’s tempo:


This should be a good start for you:


Thanks for sending me all the decklists guys, sadly just none are clicking for me. But again, thanks a lot for just taking time to give some help.


hmm you are looking for something unique rquires strategy n a bit more rng?


Yeah, just something I have to think my way through. I kind of hate it when the choice is obvious for me, and I wouldn’t mind a bit of rng if it can still run well most of the time. I can accept a few dead hands from any decks, its just something that happens.


well if u already have these cards DO NOT CRAFT THEM my first meme deck. u might die by turn 6 because reva exist but apart from that i had the most fun playing this it wasnt about winning or losing it was just pure fun


Tempoflows, i know you may be a little adverse to this suggestion based on your “nerf abyssian swarm” thread, but honestly you might want to try it out.

The win conditions revolve around having several minions on the board, as without minions they are nothing. Also (despite what you may think based on your experiences thus far) being a good swarm player involves lots of choices on positioning. You need to keep your minions in positions so that they can stay alive until you get your win condition (buffing them, playing a shadowdancer, etc) but also close enough that they can still participate in combat. Choosing whether to put your 1/1s on mana tiles or safely behind your general is very important based on what turns you think are coming next. You also have to have a plan in place for recovering from a board-clearing AOE if your bloodmoons are dead/silenced.

Worst case if you try them and lose, then you will be more experienced in countering them when you run into them with other decks.


Except as I mentioned, I did in fact play them. And, I dropped them quickly because I thought the opposite of what you believe. I don’t even believe they had blood moon priest at the time. Yet, them and Vet were all you could be seen running around. And, I just realized playing other decks were a lot more challenging. Vet are becoming a bit more tempting for me, because of the change to blood borne spell. (I actually like it being slower) I just don’t think I could make anything really my own out of it.

Edit: I’m kind of thinking of trying out a magmar deck I fought earlier today. It ran the creature that made minions cost 1 less but take one damage on entering the field. I found it pretty cool how it made you think differently about creatures, and turned some of his creatures into spells.


Try obelisks/buffs, lots of minions positioning very important super fun unique to this game aslo my main deck lol idk u might like it