Anyone have an OTK Sajj deck?


I was wondering if anyone had a OTK Sajj deck that they’ve had success with this season.


Sajj isn’t really the type of General you OTK with. Her BBS only affects minions.

Never mind, thanks @phayze


He means the artifact combo deck


i played against one. its runs auroras tears, time maelstrom and artifacts + all the standard vet stuff like falcius


yeah that’s what i mean.


OTK is pretty difficult to pull off due to different circumsrances. This is my artifact Sajj. This might be similar to what you’ve been looking for.


yeah i understand it’s difficult but i wanna have some fun with it. I’ll definitely try your deck out as it seems similar to what i’m looking for. although i’d have to ask what would you replace siphon with after the nerf. would i run shroud? and btw do you have an actual otk deck that completely is based on otking lol. thanks :smiley:


I’ll try and remember to post the list I run. I got to rank 2 with it and probably could have hit S rank if I played more.
Although you will get absolutely pooped on against Reva. Trying to maintain an artifact for 1 turn is extremely hard.


that would be awesome if you could remember it thanks :smiley:


Obliterates Cassyva though (heh, see what I did there?) because her deck is so slow and she doesn’t usually run too many utility pings to get rid of artifacts.


This is a fast paced OTK deck and you’re aiming for early kills. Unless you get extremely unlucky, you should always have an artifact on hand and thus you usually have enough damage to deal with any threats. Zirix’s 2/2 body is better than Sajj’s BBS imo.

So Siphon is obviously not the best choice since the nerf. I would play around with Rae since its comparable to siphon except you sort of have more reach and you get a body. The RNG can screw you over but meh.

Bloodtear is nice to take out small things.

Maw is for board control and the 2 damage is pretty good because you can deal 4 damage in combination with BBS’s 2/2.

You can switch out repulsor for falcius, however, I personally like Repulsor as it can set up super valuable ankh plays and acts as pseudo removal for minions over 5 health.

Sojourner is just a placeholder for Spelljammer since I dont have any. Although I find that games either end early enough where cards aren’t an issue or that you play on curve every turn and don’t burn through your entire hard.

So gameplay things.
Unless youre playing against Reva (in which case you’ll probably lose anyways) stay on your side of the map if you have an ankh. If you don’t have an ankh then progress to the middle mana tile and dig hard for an ankh.
If you’re playing against Lyonar then keep a tracer in your hand at all times since it just absolutely rocks in the Lyo matchup.

Also an important part of this deck is deciding when to go face and when to clear minions. You’ll just kinda have to get a feel for that. Keep in mind that the deck has a limited amount of damage and is a little luck based as sometimes opponents just have the pings in their hand and you can’t do anything about it.


You can only do an OTK at turn 9 from out of hand damage

You can however still do an OTK with prior set-up (If your artifacts stick).


Sajj can get OTK, just go in and press concede xD jk.

The Siphon really hurted Sajj a lot, there isnt much you can do about it. She used to be able to neutralize threats and stall for the OTK combo, but now she just flat out dies to anything out of reach, no joke.

I forgot to meantion, it costs a fortune to craft and those cards can only function in that one deck archetype - Artifact OTK Sajj. But if you really are interested, check out the @flinx 's deck list and the feedback to get more or less an idea on how the deck functions, as well as some better suggestions to improve the list.


i’m looking at your aggro artifact sajj deck which has components to otk as well. what would you replace siphon and kron with now that they’ve been nerfed


Shroud for siphon then grincher for kron


thanks a lot :smiley: definitely gonna try the deck tmrw when i wake up. appreciate it a lot


No problem. Good luck :smiley: