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Anyone has tips concerning Flawless Reflection?


@miguelosz started it all.
I crafted Ghost Seraphim because of his fun-looking Overdrive bird deck (it IS fun).

Then because Seraphim enables high cost spells, I just crafted Flawless Reflection. Except I have no idea what’s a good Reflection deck supposed to look like.

Has anyone got any tips?


Step 1: Play Faie
Step 2: Match against obelisk user
Step 3: Corner yourself
Step 4: Wait until your opponent places an obelisk adjacent to you
Step 5: Play reflection on obelisk
Step 6: Laugh in their face as they spend turn after turn unable to attack you



@mmf: Hehehe, has this really happened? :laughing:


Yep, it was around the release of (was it immortal?) and I was pressing my board advantage against a cornered faie. Next thing I know, that obelisk I placed next to her was reflected and I was facing the good ‘ol defeat screen.

And yes, I did have reassemble, did I pull it? No.

But going back to your question, just play reflection in pretty much any standard wall deck. W.wake and relfection both benefit from seraphim and an abundance of walls.


Reflection is not an immediate wincon, you need your positioning on point (sometimes more then you think) and being able to identify your opponent misplays in order to pull a fast one and get 3-4 active wanderers or 7 dancers.

Good combos with reflection - embla into reflection will usually close games never mind the state unless the opponent either cornered himself hard or have a huge board advantage on you.
Yggdra + reflection is a monster even better when you got spell cost reduction and you can drop 15-20 dmg turn 6.
The good old seraphim - no need for words.


Hold on a second, what do you mean by “active wanderers”?


But isn’t that Seraphim then yours? They can’t take control of your minions with Reflection.


They reflected my obelisk onto 2 other of my minions. As a vet not running blast or ranged, I could not hit him (her) due to my obelisks being in the way


I have a replace Deck, that runs flawless reflection for the White widow meme dream. Also possible to use it in Kron and a bunch of prisoners.
Seraphim and walls is probably way more realistic though.


If a minion was on the board the turn before flawless reflection was cast, the transformed minion can move immediately.

E.x. if you cast reflection on a wanderer surrounded by gravity wells you played last turn, your wells will become active wanderers (they can move and attack)


Would you share your deck list?

I also just thought about Reliquarian, could really easily give you 4+ bodies to Flawless Reflect on. :thinking:


Reliq is too slow, vanar shouldn’t run combos that are more then two cards or a few moves.
(Besides - seraphim into locke + ice age)


Here you go. Shieldmaster is a flex spot, play what you want here. :smiley: Maybe Spelljammer would be a good idea. You generally want a close to full hand with Widow on board and Theobule in hand, so when you drop it to get max procs.


Ah cool :slight_smile: It seems that Theobule is a must have for any modern Replace deck. I will need to craft it some day.


How about the following idea?

Sarlac might be an odd choice, but once it’s on the field this deck should be able to benefit from it, no problem making it a bigger annoyance (Kara’s BBS, Lady Locke), an improvised win condition with Cryonic Potential or an additional abuser of Flawless Reflection.

Your opinion?


from my experience i’ll say - i tried something similar and you need way more ramp

ma. wisp instead of robot
and find a place for hail prison

this setting however seems a bit cluncky

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