Anyone has deck building tips?


Hey guys.
If any of you ever played against me, you probably noticed I’m a total noob.
I figured I mainly lose because I don’t know how to properly build a deck.
So, if anyone can give me tips on general deck building and/or Songhai and Magmar, I’d really appreciate.
Anyway, thanks in advance. I’m out for today.


I would search up pylons deck building guides on the forums, they’re really good to breakdown deck necessities and the deck building process. For Kaleos however, he is a lot more minion based than Reva, so keep that in mind when building a deck around him and watching how many spells you use.


Here are some my magmar threads:

And some budget stuff

  1. Decide on your wincon and put said cards in the deck.
  2. Put in cards that support the wincon and will enable the deck to consistently reach the stage where you can utilize it.
  3. Pay attention to the curve, use filler cards to smoothen it out.
  4. Play the deck you’ve made and adjust it if needed after gaining experience with it. Or if it’s awful, entirely scrap it and return to the drawing board.

It’s more or less that. Sounds simple on paper doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. Honestly, if you have issues with building decks, don’t build decks by yourself. Copy existing decks and just slightly modify them in their flex spots if you really want to make something yourself. There’s no shame in netdecking. After copying and playing lots of decks you will start to notice some patterns and learn things which you can then use if you want to make your own deck.


Can confirm, Raqyee builds all my decks and i just screw them by stuffing in arakis.


Also would like to add that when building a deck you want to ask yourself if you have enough: removal, draw, healing, aoe, burst.

Of course not all deck types will include all of these but they are things to look out for when deckbuilding.

btw nice 4 step model ;3


Hey @dewize don’t worry, you just need some experience, and let me say without the community advice It’s soo hard to start, anyway take a look at this post, it give you the fundamentals and some good tips, either on the game and the decks:


Not sure if helps at all, but sometimes i just start like “i want to build something for this specific card”, and i start adding shit that fits the card theme, then a few krons, and then start verifying its potential in ladder to know what to adjust.

Another thing that helps me is to know when i want to finish a game with said deck. i want to use this card, that is really aggresive, but not valuable. Ergo, i need to finish the game as soon as posible (just example)