Any tips to get good?


'Sup guys.
So, I am bad at this game. Yeah, I’ll admit it. Or maybe it’s just RNG that decided to stop giving me the cards I wanted because I just wen back to rank 20. From 17. 9 loss. Actually more but that’s not the point. I feel like it’s because I have less faction cards than most people, which is normal, I just started. But, I find it hard to get new ones. I really don’t know if I should do Gauntlet either. So, the whole point is that I wanted to ask for some tips, in general. Anything’s appreciated, if you have a video link it works too.


Play more. Think about why you lost. I’m busy that’s all for now.


Lose,lose,and lose some more.
Watch all your replays.
Watch someone else’s replays.
Tilting (losing lots in a row) is normal and happens in every rank.

Rinse and repeat,that is what i did for my first month,and i made it Gold,since then i am diamond (not this month though,struggling at rank 6)


What faction do you play? Did you get that faction to lvl 10? When you construct your deck do you have enough 2 drops? Budget lists can be found on Grincherz imgur for meta info and tactics

And my person favorite megamogwai on YouTube


Sad to hear that, losing streaks suck :cry:. Try to:

  • Follow basic deck building guidelines
  • Know your win conditions
  • Know all your deck’s cards thoroughly
  • Get familiar with enemy decks’ common threats
  • Think through your entire turn before acting
  • Replace first when possible
  • Follow general positioning guidelines
  • Pray you don’t face Kara or Vaath
  • Post specific information about your deck, play style etc if possible :wink:

Good luck, don’t burn yourself out!


RNG can and will mess you up. Happens all the time. My deck has 11 minions in it that cost 2 Mana or less and I didn’t draw a single one until turn 5. Needless to say I lost that match.

Just take a break when you’re tilting off ladder. Watch replays of S-Rank matches to learn how the really good players do things. Try to put a deck for both factions together and switch it around. Play some Magmar some time, not working out? Switch to Songhai.

Simply. You will learn as you play, you will continue to make stupid mistakes, or you’ll be like me, I don’t make too many stupid mistakes (mind you, I still make plenty) but I can’t climb out of Diamond to S because I simply refuse to play Meta Decks. My main is Dervish Zirix (that I don’t play anymore but wanna switch back to), midrange/tempo Sajj and Hamon Kaleos. So, I’m kinda playing he weakest stuff. Stuck in Diamond and don’t care because I’m still having fun.

Once Shim’zar drops, hopefully Vet will be ladder viable again because I wanna climb to S with my main instead of getting cheap wins with Divine Cheese or Kara, BBS Spamming and cheesiness with BS tigers.


Is DB legit in a deck with Lysian Brawler warsurge and skywind glaives or is still cheap senpai ;_; :stuck_out_tongue: :D?

  1. Add me.
  2. Review my games.
  3. Do the exact opposite of everything you see me do.


It’s normal to hit plateaus and run into harder competition in the beginning and at the end of the month. The game has a steep learning curve, you have to practice a lot. Watch good streamers to see what they do.

Most of all don’t worry too much about your rank at the start.


Okie dookie ! I’m going to do all that then, watching replays and and all. Starting right now. I’ll try to get better over time so, watch out, I’m gonna reach Gold next month ! I hope so at least.


I’ll give you the same advice I have given other new players and I wish someone had given me. When the new month starts, make a choice:

  1. Do you want to advance as far as possible to challenge yourself against increasingly tougher competition where you will always have to try your hardest with your best decks?
  2. Do you want to experiment, and be sure you can grind gold from wins to get more packs?

If #1, hit the ladder hard and keep going. If #2, hold back for a while at the start of the month. Stay in silver for the first week or two. Tinker with decks. Let your rank fall back and then farm wins for gold. There’s no rush.


Heyo mate, If you were down we could screenshare on Skype sometime and I could take a look at your deck and give you some advice on plays and such.

  • Start watching your replays or friend’s replay and see if you can spot some mistakes. Similarly ask for someone else to watch your replays and tell you what you could’ve done better.
  • Do the solo challenges ( without a guide first ), you’ll learn a lot of things and earn gold doing so.
  • 9 two drops is a good number so you almost always have a 1st turn play
  • Is your curve okay? If you find yourself playing 2 or more cards a turn very often your curve is too low and you will run out of options fast.
  • The fact you can play a card doesn’t mean you have to. Sometimes it’s better to keep that tiger for removal or replace that 2 drop instead of playing it “to use the remaining mana” so you have a better play for the next turns.
  • Keeping 1-2 removal cards in hand is a good practice, so you’re ready when things go wrong.
  • Keeping 2 copies of the same card in hand is usually bad, replace the additional copy so you have more options unless the card is extremely good or necessary for your win condition.
  • When playing a minion ask yourself if the opponent could remove it with their current board then decide to play it defensively or offensively.
  • Change your playstyle depending on the situation. Have board and health advantage? Better pressure the opponent so you can win faster, if you leave them breathing room, they may come back more easily into the game. Opponent summons a big ass threat in your face? Better retreat and summon some minions to protect you while you search for removal.
  • Get rekt, seriously. Once you’ve been hit by a Divine bonded Ironcliffe, next time you see one you’ll hopefully have removal saved for it.

I you just started I wouldn’t recommend playing gauntlet, you need a good knowledge of the game in order to get the most out of it.


Go on the duelyst training center


OI, I can be added on Skype if you’d like me to take a look at your decks and your replays. PM me if you choose to do so.


This what I love about this community. Everyone is kind and respectful.
Like what everyone has already said:

  1. Play more.
  2. Watch your replays, and see your mistakes and try (very difficult) to not repeat them.
  3. Watch S rank replays; learn and understand the how the pro players think and play.
  4. Learn the likely threats and plays a faction will have/do.
    e.g. At 6 mana, watch out for Magmar’s Memekantor Dankbeast.
  5. Have a break between playing ranked matches. Getting tilted will only hinder your thought process and predictions, making you even more angry and frustrated. Breaks allows you to think more clearly and cool ofd.
  6. If you want, send a friend request to your opponent after the match. And discuss/chat with them about the match and ways of improvement. Its also a great way to make friends :slight_smile:.
  7. Finally have fun! Don’t ruin the game for yourself just because of competitive play.


play the game a lot


Thanks guys for all the kind words and advices. I figured I don’t even SEE my mistakes when watching replays so I’ll stick to watching S-Rank players. Sorry @phayze and @onfulltilt, it’s very nice of you but I hate using Skype. Besides, my computer and router could hardly support Skype and Duelyst.