Any tips about my dying wish deck


I have been enjoying playing Abyssian decks ,lately I wanted to try to make dying wish deck to ladder with.

But while am playing am facing trouble of drawing though I placed 2 rite of the under vault

So any suggestions what shall I change to make the deck work better

Here is the list


This is a pretty outdated deck. Unseven is a bad card, don’t use it if you want to make a serious deck. Try using the new Lurking Fear and replace Sarlacs with Gors. About you lacking draw, having a third rite isn’t a bad thing but you could also find some place for either spelljammers or sworn sisters. What I’d remove in favor of them are probably bloodmoons or shadowdancers as they’re usually not as good in this kind of deck as they are in swarm.


Thanks for the reply,

I have lurking fear x 2 in the deck, The reason I prefer sarlac more than gor is that I think he is more viable since he can placed randomly on the board and I can control him not like Gor, I use unseven as a way that he has to deal with …by dispelling him and I think I should remove the Shadow dancers and bloodmoons


Unseven is simply to easy to deal with. Not only can you dispel it, but you can also just remove with board and use your removal on the big minion it drops. Card actually works against you more often than it works for you.

Gor is a 2 drop so it’s A LOT easier to use him early on where playing sarlac can often feel like wasting a turn. Fact how you can’t control it isn’t really a big deal as you mostly want to use the card as a dark sacrifice fodder.


The swarm cards feel forced. Shadow dancer can work in a dying wish deck, but it’s a lot less reliable than kelaino. Get rid of the blood moon and dancers. try adding gnashers, they can make up for the lack of aoe in your deck. Get more 3 of cards for consistency. Replace the gloom chasers with gor. Get nether summoning if you can (I know it’s expensive but it’s good for these types of decks). Add some demonic lures, it’s just a great card. Add more draw cards like sojourner or even void hunter. It may not be a great 3 drop but it’s an excellent 2 drop.


Use manaspring for deckbuilding, it’s updated with shimzar