Any solid budget songhai decks?


Hey guys, I wanna give songhai for a spin and I was wondering if any veterans could whip a couple of budget decks for me. Any tips are greatly appreciated as well thanks!


I’m no Songhai pro, but I’d start with something like this. Unfortunately Jux is irreplacable but you can fill Thunderhorn with your 4 drop of choice, and consider Ghost Lightning or Thunderbomb for AoE.

A more filled out deck looks like this. I run this but with… something replacing DBlades and Katara for Chakri.


Yo this is great! Thanks alot man



These are great reva lists! Thanks a lot mate! Any tips for the pauper deck? Combos, turn 1/2 plays, etc.


Ideally open with a cryptographer or shiro as P1. As P2 crypto BBS or Shiro with Primus/Mystic on tile are both good, it may also be good to do 2 drop and Phoenix fire their 2 drop (maybe if it’s like Golem Metallurgist or some other priority minion), Sojourner and Oni are also nice (deck has a lot of decent P2 opens).

If/when you do get shiro down your board can get quite bundled up around it if you’re trying to buff everything at the same time. You’ll have to make a decision based on matchup if you’d rather keep have a dedicated backline, or if you can play with everything close. Getting extra attack on your frontline minions like shieldmaster (either with shiro or mist dragon) can be really good, particularly if you tink it will help dodge plasma or natural selection, so it’s okay to start with shiro near the front and then move it back.

Killing Edge is typically best used on heartseekers, but you actually have enough bodies that you don’t have to wait for that if there’s a good moment to put it on a sojourner or shieldmaster etc. and always be on the lookout for opportunities to get or set up a lethal. The early game is usually pretty decent if you position well, but knowing which answers you need or how quickly you can close the game out are critical for playing the midgame, since the deck’s late game is to finish them off before unanswerable threats come out. Timing Geomancer can be tough, since a 5 mana 5/4 is not a hugely tempo positive play, so I either tended to play it quite early off a mana tile when the body is still scary, or a bit later when the Phoenix fire was useful, but that’s not a rule or anything.

The overall goal of the deck is to make smart on-board trades and general damage in the early and mid game, with just enough removal for emergencies, and then use what is left of your board and burn in hand as you enter the 8-9 mana turns to deal the remaining damage. With all the 2 drops and heartseekers you can get blown out by aoe, but if your board sticks there’s a lot of tools to make really smart trades and get board advantage.


Thank you for this! Very thorough


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