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Any recommendations? Not trying to kha-kha (yet)


im a silver player, and i would like help with my deck. i think i have the essentials, but i just wanted to know if you guys had any advice for.

  • overall, the deck looks very solid for silver rank, with a fairly consistent gameplan
  • that’s a lot of low cost cards and not a lot of draws. I recommend something like spelljammer to help with that.
  • Rae seems a bit awkward without any high cost proactive cards to cheat out. If you don’t want to go with Fault/Khnum, then starfire scarab, nimbus, Canopic, Gust, Kron, or any midgame threat is a good choice. Otherwise, Rae is a tab useless.
  • Blood of air is better than entropic decay in 99% of situations.
  • windstorm Obelysk is a bit weak with so few permanent dervishes, I would swap it with lavastorm.
  • Dunecaster is a lot of stats for 2 mana in and Obelysk deck. Highly recommend.
  • Allomancer is a very powerful minion in any Vetruvian deck.

Overall, I would take out some of the cheap spells, and add a few good 4 or 5 drops to help curve out. I’d also swap entropic decay with blood of air the first chance I have.


Pretty much agree with @excogitator.

Personally, I would remove Rae, Windstorm Obelysk, Arid Unmaking and Entropic Decay. Maybe even Whisper of the sands, but I’m not sure how good/bad it is since it got nerfed.

Cards I would think about adding in would be Dunecaster, Lavastorm Obelysk, Duskdrinker, Rasha’s Curse, Portal Guardian, Blood of Air, Gust, from the Vet card pool. Flameblood Warlock, Primus Fist, Blaze Hound, Wild Tahr, Sunset Paragon from the Neutral card pool.

I haven’t suggested legendary cards because I don’t know if you’ll have the spirit to craft them. The cards I’ve suggested would make the deck lean towards an aggro if you choose the more lower mana cost cards or more midrange, if you go towards the higher mana cost ones.


i have 1 nosh rak. should i add him?


I wouldn’t recommend have a 1 of card in a deck unless its a Wanderer deck. The current deck you have looks like it would be too quick for Nosh-Rak with the current mana curve. As the deck would probably already win/lose before it hits the board in most games.

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