Any reason to run 2 pandora's? should i dust one of them


picked up another pandora for a total of 2. i do run 1 pandora in a few of my decks. is there any reason to be running 2? or should i dust 1 of them for spirit?


1-ofs aren’t good in most cases. if you’re running 1 already you should either take it out or add at least 1 more


I agree one ofs are not good, however Pandora may be an exception. The time to run one ofs is very high cost late game cards, like obliterate, bonded lifeforce, or midgame things you won’t want to cast more then once, like Rite of the undervault in an on curve deck.

At a hefty seven mana if he is working on a budget and happens to own her she is a perfect curve filler for a late game threat.

Now she is strong but once your actually optimizing your decks and budget is not really a concern she only does well as 2-3x copies in Magmar combined with flash/Kujata or as a late game Lyonar drop to abuse with divine bond.

So the question is, do you want to play ramp Magmar, or control Lyonar? If yes keeper both. If no, your safe going down to one.


good advice,… thanks


Don’t crush my dreams of using her in a kara deck

it does nothing the turn you play it for 7/8 mana, I’m trying so hard to force it lmao kill me


Really, idk if I’d want to play Pandora if I were only jamming the singleton. Cards that make good singletons (like Naga, Spinecleaver, Dawn’s Eye, Rust Crawler etc.) tend to let you cheat the 3of rule, with the upside of having difficult to play around tech.

For example: Naga is often the 4th copy of Skorn or Sunset Paragon in decks where they are already enabling your gameplan. Spinecleaver gives you the choice to utilize your Ankhs as a win-condition, or as an extra Saon with a little pepper. Dawn’s Eye is the 4th Regalia that supports the actual Regalias, it pushes Giga Zi’Ran over the edge. Rust Crawler is a 4th 2 mana 2/3 that lets you rip up a Bloodrage Mask or Regalia when you smell it coming.

When I play Pandora, it is usually redundant with something (like Nimbus)- but it’s far more of a “core” strategy than a “shell”. So I’d even go as far as playing 3 Pandoras for absolute consistency’s sake. But if it becomes apparent after playtesting that it slows down the draws too hard, then back to 2. The replace step is invaluable for making it okay to jam lots of fatties.


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