Any pointers on my Lyonar deck?



this is probably one of the few times I have tried to create my own deck (or been moderately successful with it).

Just managed to break into gold this season with it (gotten to rank 9 so far). I feel like this deck needs another win condition other than Divine Bond, I was thinking something like skywind glaives maybe? The curve on the deck isn’t that great either xD

Thoughts on improvements?


I have done a lot of expirimenting with Lyonar, and these are some things I have found. Second Sun isnt that great. If silenced or displaced ot becomes a 0/8 which is practically useless. Yeah you can Roar it the next turn but there are much better options.

Ironcliffe +Divine bond is super strong so if you are using those as your win condition you shoild be running 3 of each.

You mentioned you were considering anothef win condition, and I think many legendaries would fill in nicely. I really like Pandora with Lyonar because your iorncliffes demand removal, so they are less likely to have a way to deal with it. Buffing the wolves(ranged/celerity in particular) can be devedastating. Divine Bond also works well on Pandora herself. If you list all of the legendaries you have people could suggest which ones to add in.

Jolly Immolation is absurdly good. I think it should be in just about every Lyonar deck. 90% of fhe time you dont even take advantage of the heal, but 4 AoE damage is absurd

Azurite Lion is extremely good. I would reccomend swapping Healing Mystic out for them. They are extremely good early(mana tile hogging/midgame roar for burst) and this deck doesnt have too many beefy targets that will survive needing a heal.

I assume you want Crossbones for Mechazor, but there different options to consider. Sunset Paragon,(additional Sun Blooms), and hollow grovekeeper are all alternatives that can deal with Mexhazor, and still have good value agsinst other decks.(keep in mind you musf place these cards adjacent to mechazor for their effects.) The turn you suspect Mechazor is coming try tl take center board and chain your minions so that you can summon your answer next to it no matter which corner it drops. If you consider running tigers, they greatly extend your reach.

A little bit more lategsme cards would help your curve out as well, and also help you keep more cards in your hand

If you have any questions feel free to ask, I would be happy to explain more in depth


How about Araki Headhunters instead of the Healing Mystics? With how many opening gambits I have I feel like they will be good at any stage of the game and can close out the early game if unanswered.

I like the Pandora suggestion, but I feel like I could only run 2 as this deck is primarily focused on winning early to mid game. But they would probably take care of late game by themselves. How many do you run on your deck?

Holy ‘Jolly’ Immolation also should be auto include really so I’ll think of some space for that.

Another idea is to replace the 3x Ephemeral Shrouds with 2x Lightbenders. This rounds out the curve a bit more and serves to open up some more slots as they can dispel multiple targets. Plus it also keeps the Opening Gambit synergy.

I have a revised decklist below, haven’t found a spot for Pandora(s), perhaps I will have to drop the songweavers. :’(

What about Sphynx? I don’t actually know what the riddles are and I can’t find it on the wiki.


my only pointer on lyonar is don’t die.


Most questionable card is Songweaver. I would remove it.
I normally think 2 tempest is enough. You also have Skorn so that is more than enough AOE.

Sphynx won’t be for this deck.
A quick googling finds this for riddle:
Some Sphynx decks on the forum:


I think Tempest3+Blistering Skorn3 is overkill. I only run Blistering Skorn these days.
I really like Afterblaze. It is much less situational than DB, and comboes very well with it.
ABed+DBed Lions can get to 22 dmg (26 if you also Roar them).


@devilsace 3complicated5me

@humancalc Thank you for linking the Sphynx riddle and yes it’s definitely not for the deck xD

  • @galdred I have all that aoe because I was having to deal with swarm decks alot so it was kind of a tech choice. I do like the afterblaze with lions so I’ll give it a try.

Only problem for me is that the deck cost is soaring, but with something like Grovekeepers this deck could be decent vs control matchups.