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Any news on backer rewards, Counterplay?


It’s been a long time guys, and there is still no info on figurines or art book.

Could anyone step up to clarify this issue?

@Ryvirath, @emil

Counterplay, what is the status of the backer rewards?

i know you and all the backer of the game that helps make this game possible did a great thing and is a big deal but, it seemed like there are so many things that they have to do before they start giving out the backer reward.

yes you guys are entitled to your reward and should have gotten it but if you do back the game because you love it maybe you can wait for some more time so that they can establish a firmer condition in which they can start sending things out.

my english is crap i know, but i hope you understand what i’m trying to say here.


I understand your position, but please consider the following:

  1. A lot of time has passed. A LOT. While they did not have a firm deadline, they should at least communicate to us from time to time a tell us the progress.
  2. They are by no means struggling. The game is stable, it even has a god damn expansion. It still blows my mind that they went ahead with expansion before wrapping up all unfinished business.

If you think they have some urgent matters to attend to before they fulfill their obligations to the backers, I would like to hear your opinion on what exactly are they, if you don’t mind.


+1 and to the art book as well. With the art in this game it could be one beautiful book.


Hello Angel, I don’t have a ton of information to relay to you about the figurines and art book aside from they are being actively worked on and are coming along nicely. I’d love to offer you an exact timeframe, but sadly I cannot.


Well, that’s something, at least. Can we count on a kickstarter update sometime soon with the progress being shown? :slight_smile:


Would like to chime in that I would appreciate and update as well.

And would like to say that they did make the skins and soundtrack 1-2 months ago, so they are obviously not forgetting it, but yes, updates would be nice.

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