Any Kara decks that aren't Midrange?


Usually each general will have a few archetypes, some stronger than others. Vaath is probably the most rounded, he has strong Aggro, Midrange, Combo, Control, and maybe some others that are less popular, all of which are pretty viable.

I have never seen a Kara deck that doesn’t follow either the standard midrange format, or once every 20 Kara games you face the occasional Mechazor deck.

I searched on DuelystDB, and I found no other types of decks. Has anyone ever tried anything different with this general?


Nope, because midrange is so absurdly, stupidly broken with her that it’s not worth trying a different archetype.


You forgot boring. “Absurd,stupid,broken and boring.”


You can’t build other than Midrange with Kara, that’s how limiting her BBS is.
Aggro doesn’t work because you want to get cards out fast which counter-synergizes with her BBS and Control isn’t remotely viable with so much Aggro on the ladder, it’s also an auto-lose against Cassyva.

And this ^


I have tested Wall, Vespyr, Anti-fun, and 39 legendary Kara, to no avail.

  • Wall and Vespyr decks are usually better off with Faie as the general

  • Anti-fun is pretty much midranged with 2 extra dispells and 3 extra removal spells

  • 39 legendary is a bad meme


The question is that a good thing or a bad thing.If you want to play aggro or walls you can play Faie.That is what makes Vet so bad, In Lyonar you can play Argeon,Magmar you can play Vaath, Abyssian you play Cass.Vet you can’t play either General.The intent might not be Kara to have only one build the two generals are one class so to speak so you can cover more bases that way.

But I got sidetracked for a second the point is it realistic to expect to be able to play every single playstyle from all generals? I don’t think so and quite honestly I am more worried about Starhorn, Sajj, Zirix,and Ziran not being competitively viable than if Kara can play differently styles of deck.I think one competitively viable deck from each general is a good goal then move on from into developing different archetypes and styles.

Are Argeon builds really that different? Have you seen a Magmar build without Taygete,Warbeast, and Egg Morph? Every Cass deck has a Nova in it.It isn’t is really limited to Kara.Until faction get minions that challenge their best minions it won’t get better.For example I hope Veteran Silthar works better than Taygete in a egg deck,I hope Grimrock works better in grow deck. Klakon might not be than Vorpal overall but its stats and ability are competitive enough to where a creep deck…Wait got sidetracked again…I think I made my point.


Here is my logic. Note I don’t play Kara though so may be inaccurate.
Kara seems to be best with midrange. Therefore you see midrange decks.

  1. Kara BBS is best when you have a full hand. The key point.
  2. Aggro decks burn hand fast so is bad.
  3. Late game decks might work. Vanar’s lack of reliable AOE makes it hard to control. Vanar has no killer big minion like Elder. So currently late decks are not best.
  4. Walls come from spells and Kara prefers minions. Walls better with Faie.
    5)To get a full hand you put card draw like Spell Jammer. When you do have a full hand you want to play more than one card. Therefore you don’t want too costly cards. This results in midrange.


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