Any ideas for budget vanar tempo/vespyr deck?


Or a wall deck.


Supposing you only have access to rare or lower, generally good Vespyr and Vespyr-related cards would be Snow Chaser, Crystal Cloaker, Snow Rippler, Glacial Elemental + Bonechill Barrier, Frostfire and Cryogenesis. Vanar also has very versatile cards like Chromatic Cold, Mark of Solitude, Aspect of the Fox and Hearth Sister. If you mix some of this cards with good neutrals like Jaxi, Dancing Blades, Primus Shieldmaster, maybe Sojourner or even Blaze Hound (If you want to run Hailstone Prison) you should get yourself a decent budget deck. Razorback is also a very strong rare in Vanar and you should consider him. As onto the generals, I personally prefer the new Kara than Faie, but in a budget list, Faie’s BBS is probably more efficient…


Thanks! This is basically what I was thinking about for a couple of days. I haven’t really played vanar at all, but I want to switch to is because it seems as a very cool faction, for now I’m playing lyonar as main, it brought me to diamond but I think that I need something more to reach s-rank. Anyway i might play with kara mostly because I have 2 thruesights and combo: bbs, thruesight and razorback seems powerfull on paper, bur it may or may not work it diamond, we will see.


This deck is fairly cheap and probably a good place to start when it comes to vanar. I believe zoochz has a gameplay video of a similar budget vespyr deck on his channel so you can look that up if you want some comparisons.

Personally I’m running this. I got to 1 chev before S with it before the tilt hit me.


Going to try those decks later! Could you tell me why is Blistering Skorn in almost every deck that I see ? What are the advantages of using it in a Vanar Wall Deck ?


AoE always comes in handy. It kills heart seekers, chrysalis burst eggs, gravity wells and is all around a decent card.


How does Purgatos work out for you? I’ve always loved him but he seemed subpar as a 3/4 for 4 whose ability does not impact the board.

I’m stealing this deck, that looks like a lot of fun, thanks raqyee


I didn’t get to use it too much. I just needed more 4 drops to smooth out the curve and I also always loved the card so I decided to craft it and put it in. But so far, it actually works quite well. This deck often races against time and he really helps in that regard. He is also very underused so people often tend to misplay when dealing with him.