Any good decklists to get to gold? (or even higher?)


Okay, so basically I’m a sorta new player with a mediocre amount of cards, but I’m not doing well in my tries for gold (mostly because I’m bad). I’m kinda on a budget of about 100 spirit, (i know, really low) but I’ve got some cards like pandora and time maelstrom I can disenchant.

Would prefer a more control deck, maybe even songhai?
(though any faction would be fine)



You should get staple common and rare first. Pandora is never bad but only having 1 copy is very inconsistent (unless you pulled him from that 3 legendary offer), while time maelstorm is somewhat used in combo sajj, which is a expensive deck. It sees few use due how your general still takes damage anyway (unless falcius was played)
Gold is achievable through decent decklist with staple cards (for me, it varies between players but I think I got most of them here)
Lyonar : Lasting Judgement, Arcylte Sentinel, Sun Bloom, Ironcliffe Guardian, Azurite Lion.
Songhai : Mist Dragon Seal, Katara, Ki Beholder, Four Winds Magi.
Abyssian : Bloodmoon Priestess, Shadowdancer, Ritual Banishing, Darkfire Sacrifice.
Vetruvian : Pax, Falcius, Whisper of the Sands, Fireblaze Obelysk, Starfire Scarab.
Magmar : Young Silithar, Thumping Wave, Elucidator, Egg Morph, Flash Reincarnation, Earth Sphere.
Vanar : Frostburn, Snow Chaser, Hailstone Prison, Razorback.
Neutral : Primus Fist, Sojourner, Sunsteel Defender, Wings of Paradise, Blistering Skorn, Lightbender.


-play magmar
-play chrysalis burst on turn 1 or 2
-get carried to gold

Once you get there you should probably switch up your strategy because skorn and pings was popular before, and has only gotten more prevelant with the recent expansion.


Chrys burst is expensive


True, true. As a new player I got a couple really early on, so my experience was a bit different.

Lyonar is probably the best budget deck. Their basic cards are pretty strong and versatile, and will work with whatever frankendeck that’s thrown together.


Personally, I’d recommend lyonar or songhai, as their basic cards are pretty good.


Structure Vetruvian got me there. But after all the increasingly high amount of removals it’s probably not as good. Still cheap though.


Lyonar Divine Bond decks can work and can be cheap. Basically, the deck is centred on getting divine bond, playing it on a high health minion to give them a very high attack value to kill the opponent. Its possibly to make a version with no epics or legendaries, but ideally you’ll want Dioltas and Holy Immolation which are both epic rarity cards.


I would really not disenchant any cards until you get to gold and know a lil bit more about the game.

Getting to gold is possible with the basic set from all faction and as you get more cards it will only become easier. Both pandora and time maelstrom are decent cards for certain decks. Specially now, when you don’t have a lot of good cards you might find pandora usefull.


The crazy new meta is really weak against aggro. Just throwin that out there :stuck_out_tongue:


The problem with control decks is that they are expensive. So if your a new player with a small budget i highly recommend you to step away from that, at least for now. Problably the cheapest way to reach Gold or even diamond should be something like this:

Straightforward aggo faie list using only basics and commons. Since vanar has top end removal as basic cards they are the best faction to be played on budget. With other factions it will be difficult to deal with high rarity bomb cards, with Vanar you can just remove them for 1 and 2 mana an keep going face. Having a definite clock in form of your BBS also helps a lot(and in silver nobody plays around that, even Gold players often forget about it) Add Spelljammers to the deck instead of the shieldmasters and this deck can problably get you to S-rank, if your playing it well enough ofc.


don’t do crysalis burst, its a bad idea. way too expensive and quite bad. it’s been a while since i’ve been in silver but i doub’t it would actually win you enough games to be worth it.

the cheapest way as of now would be probably mechs. most of them are common / rare very few are epics and you can play them in almost any faction. fae (vanar) or starhorn (magmar) would likely work the best probably something along those lines:

  • do note that starhorn has tiger + thumping + greater fortitude as an alternative win condition it would be 3 + 2 + 5 = 10 damage from hand for 7 mana, with primus fist 12 damage for 9 mana from hand. any combination could work really.

divine bond lyonar could be an option:

  • argeon has some tiger shenanigans here for alternative win condition:
    tiger + bbs = 5 damage for 4 mana
    tiger + bbs + afterblaze = 7 damage for 7 mana
    tiger + afterblaze + divine bond = 11 damage for 9 mana

songhai feel in quite bad spot as of now, i wouldn’t recommend them at the moment definetely not on tight budget.

i haven’t tested those decks, and tryed to make them have most potential while still be very cheap to craft, not sure how good those actually are. i would definetely get some epics/legendaries if i were to try to play those in diamond.


Yeah, just like Crossbones which is also a rare :wink:


like crossbones is consistent in silver


Like ANYTHING is consistent in silver…


Yeah, and when it comes to decks Silver is scaling from a range from ANYTHING to EVERYTHING :wink:


Try looking up budget decks by Megamogwai or Grincherz. They seem really consistent and are composed of mostly basics and rares! Good luck man!


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