Any clue as to when will the mobile version be available?


It’s all in the title. I’m curious because I’m having issues with finding time to play the game with my current schedule and I’ve got a lot of free time during the day that I could use to play, but I can’t, because I don’t have my computer with me. I’m sure it’s the case for others too.


1st quarter 2017 based on previous comments by the developers


Oh, okay, thanks ! It’s “soon” enough then. I guess I’ll just take my laptop with me.


Will there be a version for phones or just for tablets?


Just admit you want to play at school. Go back to your books! Who am I kidding I will be playing this at university when the mobile release comes out.


I have no clue, sorry


Damn, I got exposed !


Just wanted to add my comment so devs know that people are interested in a mobile version.

I’ve been using Remotr to stream from my computer if I want to play away from the desk. It’s far from ideal, but workable. Haven’t tried it across the Internet, though I believe it’s possible. Another option is NVidia Game Streaming, but my GFX card isn’t tough enough, and I’m not sure that works outside your LAN.

I was surprised how well the game played on my Note3 though, I was thinking that the delay in a mobile version was coming from miniaturisation of the interface, but now I’m thinking it might have more to do with performace and marketing. I’m guessing that the steam version also needed to come first so they could see how they can handle a massive influx of new players etc.


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