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Answering some stream questions

I get some questions about different things and instead of keep answering the same questions over and over on stream, I thought it would be just easy to make a forum topic and redirect people to this. Other people can use this as well, if they want to answer questions they get in they own streams.

Are you still streaming duelyst?

Yes, I’ll be streaming Duelyst on every other day until the servers close. Just like I have been doing.

When is your final Duelyst stream?

26th, the day before the servers close. I won’t be able to stream on the 27th because the servers will close (30 mins) before I would stream. Plus I would imagine other streamers would want to streaming on the last day, so I want to be in other streams on the last day.

Are you doing anything special during the last stream?

Probably not. Chances are I’ll be talking with chat, listening to music and playing ranked like I usually do.

What is (insert streamer) doing for Duelyst dying?

I don’t know. I’m assuming people who have been known to stream Duelyst will be doing something during the final week or the last days. But you would have to ask them, as I can’t speak for them.

Will you still be streaming after Duelyst dies?

Probably, I enjoy streaming although I can’t say with 100% certainty that I’ll be streaming certain games. Chances are that I’ll be doing Legends of Runeterra, TFT and maybe whatever random games I own. Basically, I’ll still be playing games and listening to music.

Where can I find you after Duelyst dies?

I’m on the Meltdown League discord server which is probably the easiest place to catch me outside of streams. Besides that, on my stream.


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