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Another fan minion :)

Again, here is a sprite of a minions made, let’s tell me what u think about it and how to improve the "duelyst pixel art like effect " of these :slight_smile: This card is named “Ossuary” and its a neutral minion with that passive “when moved let a trail of bone’s trap, deal double dmg to stunned minions” (bone trap stun ennemies who walk in until the next turn) maybe a 2/6 card .
here the link to the gif: ossuary minion
here the image of it (not moving) : http://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=19/04/dy0d.jpeg


i think the attack animation is a way to fast. the minion looks very good tho. maybe he debuffs enemies as they enter play?
btw, where do you go to make these? is there a website? and is it free?

Yes i know, the attack animation wasnt finish yet, but i didnt have rly idea to finish it (but the goal was to make him piercing ennemies with a wall of “bony” spike :slight_smile: In fact , its only when he walks, the initial cell and the crossed cell are “trapped” after, with the bone’s trap .( that’s the idea).

To make the animations, i use “asesprite” ( not free) its a pixel art making software. Really easy to control (hard to main maybe). I used it also to create mini-game and so on … :slight_smile:

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