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Another fan made "expansion" - Abyssian Health Steal


To be fair, I’m quite skeptical to the whole idea of expansions made by one player, but I got this idea which I want to share. And also it’s something everyone on this forum already did, so why not.

Also I know that card names are a bit generic. Suggest your own if you want.

Basic concepts

  • “Steal Health” means that targeted minion or General loses said amount of Health while another minion or General heals for that much.
  • You can’t steal more Health than target currently has.
  • You can’t go over your max Health. Any healing above that is wasted.
  • Stealing is not damage. It bypasses damaging and damage preventing effects (Panddo, Nimbus, Juggernaut, Forcefield). It doesn’t ping Artifacts (no durability loss). It still triggers death effects if it kills its target.
  • Attacks that steal Health still trigger a counterattack.
  • Stealing is healing only when receiver is below max Health. In that case it triggers healing effects.
  • If it is not specified who or what is stealing Health and effect is not on a minion, that means only Health is taken from the target minion or General, but no healing happens. Most likely it is meant for synergy.

Cards which already have Health Steal

  • Desolator
  • Munch
  • Nightshroud
  • Void Relic (Reliquarian Artifact)
  • Firestorm Mantra

Changes to existing cards

  • Bloodtear Alchemist
    Opening Gambit: Steal 1 Health from an enemy minion or General.
  • Breath of the Unborn
    Your General steals 2 health from all enemy minions.
  • Void Pulse
    Steal 2 Health from the enemy General.
    (Slight nerf, simplifies description; I hope suggested synergy will balance it out.)
  • Deathmark
    Steal 1 Health from an enemy minion. If it takes damage, destroy it.
    (Reminder: Health Steal is not damage.)
  • Shadowdancer
    Deathwatch: Steal 1 Health from the enemy General.
  • Maehv Skinsolder
    Bloodbound Spell: Steal 2 Health from a friendly minion and your General to Summon a Husk nearby that minion. It gains +1/+1 for each Health stolen.
    (Discourages use of Sarlac or Gor to summon Husks as it would only make a 3/3 Husk. Instead provides 2 triggers of Health Steal for synergy and doesn’t break Artifacts.)

New cards

  • Blood Spire
    4 mana, 0/6, Structure
    At the start of your turn, steal 1 Health from all minions and Generals.
    (Health goes to Spire, not your General.)
  • Empty Vial
    2 mana, Artifact
    Whenever Health is stolen, steal 1 Health from the enemy General.
  • Tide of Blood
    3 mana, 0/3, Minion
    This minion gains +1/+0 for each time you stole Health this game.
  • Surge of Blood
    3 mana, 1/2, Minion
    Provoke. This minion gains +0/+1 for each time you stole Health this game.
  • Soaking Gauntlet
    3 mana, Artifact
    Whenever your General attacks or counterattacks, they steal Health equal to their attack instead.
  • Dark Blood
    4 mana, Spell
    Whenever you General loses Health this turn, deal that much damage to all enemies.

Questionable synergy

  • Darkspine Devourer
    2 mana, 2/3, Minion
    While this minion is on the battlefield, friendly Shadow Creep steals Health instead of doing damage.

These ones do deal damage though.

As if Bloodtear wasn’t annoying enough already… :wink:

A good wording update. Too bad we’ll never even get one of those.

Uh… so a 3 mana win the game combo with Bloodtear? :thonk:




Wait what? Pinging artifacts is the most important part of cards such as desolator, bloodtear, void pulse, and shadowdancer.


i thought duelyst was coded that infinite loops doesn’t happen? or was it just the ruby rifter decimus?


I know. But with this “expansion” it is supposed to change.

While it is one of the main purposes of Bloodtear, it is not for other cards.

AFAIK, yes, loops don’t happen. Poor wording in this particular case, obviously Empty Vial is not supposed to proc off of itself.


woah there, this is pretty much a health reset. It’s still not as powerful as rebuke, but is it okay for this to stay 4 mana?


Definitely not, it’s more powerful than Frostburn this way

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Broken broken broken broken

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It’s hard for me to balance what I have never played. It’s more of a concept, individual stats and costs can be changed.


Alternative version: Breathe of the Unborn, 4 mana: Your General steals 1 health from a random enemy minion for each time Health was stolen this game.

Maybe I should work on some sort of downside which would justify otherwise crazy healing effects. Like, put it in a more of one man army direction or something like that.


suggestion: you could do health as resource perhaps?

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I tried to achieve something like that with Dark Blood, where General converts Health into damage to minions.
Maybe I should try something less offensive, like “Until the start of your next turn, enemy minions attacking your General take damage equal to their attack.”

Or Ritual of Blood
0 mana, Spell
The next minion you summon costs 0 mana. Your General takes damage equal to twice the original mana cost of that minion.


Play this on variax then crypto into lil BBS on t1 p1, gg wp

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  1. In that scenario, for Crypto + BBS you need 5 mana, so you can do it only as P2T1 with another cost reduction spell.
  2. You will be at 9 health after that.
  3. I’d prefer if other players participated in some sort of discussion, providing their ideas and suggestions rather than just saying my idea is bad.
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Oh shit, i forgot variax makes your BBS 3 mana. Still not that crazy though to mana ramp some OP boi out and then just heal heal heal. Can’t really think of any aggro decks that can chop off 9 health super early game while also dealing with big boi.

As for ideas. I don’t really like the concept of health steal. It represents a lot of why I hate healyonar, healing but also dealing damage. Allowing you to be aggro but also beating other aggro decks. Remember when deso was 3 attack? That shit was annoying although abyss also had some other tools that got nerfed that were also annoying so…But yea, I would probably focus, if this is abyss only, something to do with suicide aggro maehv or slow swarm deck.

Dying wish is a bit complicated I think to flesh out and deathwatch is p boring. a

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That is kind of op… turn 1 variax is toxic

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I might be wrong, but aggro Maehv is pretty fleshed out. Only changes I can think of is my old idea for Releaser (“When this artifact breaks, summon a Husk nearby your General. Its attack and health are equal to damage done to your General while this was equipped.”) and buff Blood Taura to cost “half of General’s Health, rounded up.”

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But I mean a maehv does way more damage early on but also dies quicker so the deck type kinda becomes similar to hyper swarm in that if you dont have the proper tech you die, but if you do, you win pretty easily.

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