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Another comeback/bait success

Oh noes! Lilith is attacking… at full 25 hp! What ever will we do?

A roar, a divine bond, an aegis barrier, and a second divine bond later…

Owlbeast sage is my spirit animal.

Fun fact: Owlbeast sage bonus (+2HP) is applied before spell effects such as tempest, or cough Divine Bond cough


You are my spirit animal, except that you’re most probably not an animal.
Ur dek dank asf

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Thanks, I just got the scientists and aegis barriers so that I don’t get ripped apart by Punish (2 mana) or run out of cards after miserably failing in the midgame. If you have good card draw, you can just pitch a tent in the corner and start plopping down ranged units.

Maybe you could have blurred your opponent name because, really, that’s embarrassing.

Coming so close when you have only 3x 1/1 and a Shadowdancer and you’re facing Lyonar with 2 big threats, possibility of Holy Immo, Oath, DB …
… he got what he deserved, nothing fancy here :wink:


Why would that be embarrassing? you lost it happens now what’s embarrassing is some loser bothers that person because of that. I’d rather weed out such sad individuals lest they take us all down with their negativity.

Exactly, that why I think it would have been more elegant to blur opponent’s name.

I mean, this happens at least 4-5 times a day…

In gold no less…

Blurring out your opponent’s name is simply good etiquette. If you don’t mean any harm, make it clear by not displaying their name.

That said, I have a soft spot for arcanyst Lyonar. It’s one of my more favorite decks to play. I had a game just a couple days ago where I walked all over a Reva because of an Owlbeast Sage with Aegis Barrier. They didn’t have enough minion-based damage to kill it before it grew out of hand. More power to you and may your Owlbeast Sages be ever juicy.

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To me, it seemed more of an everyday occurrence than anything embarrassing so I didn’t, but I’ll make the edit as soon as I get on a computer

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So maybe doesn’t require a special thread so, you can use this dedicated one :

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Nice! That’s exactly what I need!

Another interesting anecdote: the health buff is applied before the spell effects for these spells, but it happens AFTER the effects of Polarity. Which is weird.

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