Announcing ‘Turn 1 Mystic’ – The No. 1 Website for New Players


Hey everyone! I’m ArdentDawn – I’ve been working on a huge project over the last few months, and I’m proud to finally announce the launch of my new website, Turn 1 Mystic!

At Turn 1 Mystic, we have three main goals:

  • Teaching new players, so that players with any amount of CCG experience can enjoy playing in the competitive scene
  • Promoting content producers, so that everyone can share their hard work and build their own community of followers
  • Building a community, so that everyone can find new friendships through Duelyst and mentors to voice chat with

The website started out as my personal blog, but once I started sharing previews of my articles, I found loads of other content producers that wanted to be part of my website. I’ve made several friends that have become ‘official’ members of Turn 1 Mystic, but I’m not looking to publish articles from just a small circle of content producers – I want to share everyone’s content so that new players can find all of the best guides that we’ve produced as a community.

As well as posting our own content, we’ll be sharing the best submissions to our website, with no strings attached whatsoever. You don’t need to join our crew, and you don’t need to send us regular submissions unless you want to. Just send us hyperlinks to the content that you’ve already produced, and if we enjoy it, we’ll post it on our website and tell the world who created it. Your submissions don’t need to be exclusive to our website at all – just content that you want to ensure that new players will see.

You don’t have to be famous to send in content, either. If you already have thousands of followers, then we’ll promote your content so that new players can benefit from your hard work. If you’re a new face with only a handful of followers, then we’ll promote your content so that you can become that big. Sharing your content on Turn 1 Mystic doesn’t only bring you more followers - it means that more people will come to Turn 1 Mystic and discover everyone else’s content as well.

We’re also hosting our own Discord server where players can ask for help and voice chat in-game, so if you’re looking for someone to test our your deck and play a few friendly matches with, then you should definitely check us out. I’ve made loads of friends by voice-chatting with Duelyst players that were previously strangers – we’ll happily greet anyone who enjoys playing Duelyst. We also have a listen-only voice channel when you can hear us recording content for YouTube – add us in-game and spectate our matches if you want to preview our upcoming content!

There’s loads more that I’d love to share – you cannot believe how much hype I’ve been holding in – but you can find out about the rest on our website. Check out my first article on the website (The Language of Duelyst), where I’ll be explaining some of Duelyst’s main tactical concepts for people who’ve never played a CCG competitively before.

I hope you’ll love Turn 1 Mystic as much as I do, and happy dueling!


Ain’t that great ! I Good job with the site, it looks amazing from what I’ve just seen.


Well done. I really look forward to read articles on this site.


Excited to see this site take off! Always happy for more community sites :smiley:


THis looks really amazingly good. Happy to see quite a lot of content already there, nice! :slight_smile:


I am really happy to see another Duelyst site, especially one for new players! Thanks for your huge contribution(s) to the Duelyst community~


This is really big. I’ve read some of your posts in the past, and more of it, or content in the same vein, can only be a very large positive.