Announcing the Duelyst Wiki Revival Project



The public wiki is an essential resource for newer players to become acquainted with the game and learn from the knowledge of others.

However, Duelyst’s wiki is in somewhat of a sad spot. It’s inevitable that many new players will be turned away from the game because the wiki lacks the resources that they need. And given that the wiki will always be the general first resource that people turn to, I and many others feel that the only solution to this problem is to make the wiki great again.

As such, I’m organizing the Duelyst Wiki Revival Project to hopefully gather people in order to revitalize the wiki. Discord server here:

Here’s the goal:

The first major point that needs to be fixed is card pages. Every card page should have, beyond simple info like stats and description, notes (stuff like interactions and related cards), strategy (how to use this card), and trivia (Primus Shieldmaster has “unseven” on his shield, w0t?!). This idea is based off the model of the Hearthstone wiki, which is inarguably very well organized.

If you’d like to contribute, please join the Discord. There is a spreadsheet up ready for your contributions! (The purpose of keeping everything on a spreadsheet first is to organize and QC information before committing it to the wiki).

If you have administrative questions, please PM me on Discord.

I’m looking forward to making this project a success with you all!

We need a fixed post for duelyst memes

To add on a tiny bit:

Right now there are 25 people on Discord, and this seems like a sizeable project. More people = smoother process (I think inefficiency should be smoothed out by the spreadsheet, right?)

If you have time to spare, come check it out. There’s no harm in looking, and if you find yourself interested in contributing, all the better :?)


Good job! May I also suggest a Lore section for cards? It would be based on the Codex, for several cards looks definitely doable.

There are also a few “general” pages which are horribly outdated, they should be added to the list of stuff to fix. See you on Discord!


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