Announcing the Bagoum Deckbuilder


Updated, pretty, dark-theme deckbuilder here


I recently mentioned that Bagoum would be coming out with a fully-featured deckbuilder in the near future. Today, I’d like to announce that the Bagoum deckbuilder is finished and ready for release!

The deckbuilder pulls information directly from the site’s card database, so you never have to worry about outdated deckbuilders again!

If you’re familiar with Manaspring, the deckbuilder works in a fairly similar fashion, and you can even convert Manaspring decklists by going to {4-digit code} , where the 4-digit code is the final part of the “shortlink” export option on Manaspring.

All deck information is stored in the URL, so you can copy the URL to come back to the deck later. Alternatively, if you click one of the export buttons, a shortlink will be provided on the exported image, which is an easy way to allow other people to access and tweak your decklist. For example, is an Argeon decklist that Smash posted somewhere a while ago.

You can either save images to your hard drive or export them to imgur. If you choose to use Imgur, the uploaded image will open in a new tab, so make sure you enable pop-ups.

For reference, this is what decklists should look like. If you get something different, please message me, and also stop using bad browsers.

If you’d like to make any comments or suggestions, drop me a message!

Until next time~


I like how the decklists look like - so many thanx for your efford!!!
But why does the animations in the deckbuilder itself look so blurry? I would like if they are smaller (original size?) and more sharp therefor.
Would be a next step to perfection! :blush:


RIP they’re actually not supposed to be blurry. What browser are you on?


I tried in Chrome now and you’re right: The pics are sharp there.
Edit: Example:


It’s cool, but I am not really a fan of the numbers in the landscape view below the cards. They’re off-center and in this weird blue field. Since the number will never be bigger than 1 digit, maybe this could be done in a prettier way (or just ignore me if I’m alone in this opinion)?

Also, clicking the Save and/or Imgur button does nothing (IE).

Most importantly: Will you keep it up to date? Expansion soon ^^ :slight_smile:

EDIT: oh just saw you had an example, the numbers are not centered for me, but right-aligned (IE). (I still don’t like the light blue bar though :p)


I’ve added sharpening on Firefox.

Internet Explorer is a discontinued browser. Please use Chrome or Firefox.

Yes, the deckbuilder will stay up-to-date along with the rest of the site.


Nice work. Good doge.


Suggestion: calculate the price for the sisters so you can add it to the total spirit of the deck. It makes it easier for people to know if they can build that magmar/cassy deck that says 8K when in reality is 10k


Sister’s cost is kinda “dynamic”. It depends on your collection in respective factions, so I don’t think the sister’s cost calculation is that feasible or helpful.


Cost always depends on the collection because a card you own don’t cost you anything. With the same argument you could say that showing the cost in the deckbuilder isn’t useful at all.
I’d like if Sisters cost is calculated as
1800 - (100 x “Rare Core Faction Card used in the deck”)
Interesting thing is that 1 Sister has the same cost as 3 have.


With regards to spirit count for Sisters, I made the decision not to count them after a lengthy discussion with several top players on the Discord, including the spirit master Zelda. There’s a note under “Deckbuilder notes” that explains some of the implications of this. Otherwise, there are no plans to change this arrangement in the foreseeable future.


That’s illogical.


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