Announcing: duelyst with spice


Playing Spirggin to give your opponent Blinky on purpose


Is it the famous “Reverse Duelyst” I heard about from Scarzig? Nice.
I’d like to participate, but if this is considered Bandai official tournament I guess I can’t.



Spinecleaving, and then getting lots of totems to yourself with arbitrage :wink:


nah, this is just something I’m running because it sounded fun, everyone is free to join.


If Grandmaster Zir takes over does it still count as a win? Can I both win by hitting 0 and then actually win the game too?


I would rule a no on this one, as when zir takes over your general is technically still not at 0 hp


Just call it Deadlyst, don’t try to make duelyst spice with happen Blob, it isn’t gonna happen


if only I thought of that name sooner, I can change this title and the title of the actual tournament, but not the reddit post’s title :frowning:


Easy, just steal the totems with Ciphy’s best friend


Was expecting Spice Girls crossover… I am dissapoint


I am seeing a lot of different suicides possible here, since things like Maehv and lots of self-harm already exists. Sundrop Elixir might be meta if Lyonars can find themselves enough self harm…


Capricious Marauder + Brome BBS + Draining Wave = 13 self damage for 7, out of hand no less.

Even better, Marauder on 5 mana. Next turn Flameblood Warlock + Draining Wave on Warlock + Divine Bond on Marauder = 25 damage.


So the key card here is the Wave I assume?


Double Divine Bond on a Capricious Marauder followed by a 1 drop and a Tempest is a 9 mana 27 damage combo.


Umm, extremely hard to get. Too much fishing needed.


Not really? Just leave a Marauder in the corner of the board and wait until 9 mana. It’ll take even less time if you can Divine bond the Marauder on 6 mana.


So it seems that Marauder will be the spam of the hells this tourney.


the three decks I expect to be the best are lyonar with all their healing, vet with burden and synaptic, and magmar with dance of dreams to mill yourself to death. maraurder will probably be common but the one problem with it is that you need to sacrifice a minion for it, so building your deck around that will be important.


what about maehv? i feel like it has potential


the issue with maehv is that in order to deal 2 damage to yourself you give your opponent a 4/4 to hit their face into, but I can see it being viable with good positioning. Honestly every faction has stuff they can use, and it isn’t exactly a well defined metagame, so who knows what is best.