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Announcing a new tournament format: Duelyst+1!

Hey guys, it’s banang! I’m very proud, excited and honored to announce a new tournament format! It’s neither the old style where normal rules apply, nor the weird style like the Amazyng Race, but something else entirely, something… unusual!

I’d be happy to know what you think of such a thing. Do you want more tournaments that are not same but not too different? Do you see yourself participating? Or even giving me a hand?

I still need the help of:

  • mods: resolve problems between contenders whenever they come up

  • co-casters: join me for however long you wish, leave some insight or just some witty jokes

  • artists: have an idea for a nice header image or a Duelyst+1 logo? Show us your talent!

also join us on the official duelyst tournament discord if you wanna chat, hang out or organize practice partners: https://discord.gg/cEmfcY9

This seems really fun, I’ve already built a deck, anyone wanna practice? :smile:

What you got against Vetruvian man

So basically if my opponent summons a Yun, and I voidsteal it and put my general next to it my opponent loses because he deals less than 5 dmg to me on his turn?

If so, it will be very interesting to see what decks this spawns. Zendo might be King.

oh man, i knew those battle pets would be screwing up everything.

I’ve added an additional clarification:

if your opponent’s action results in himself taking damage during your turn (for example thumping wave, altered beast), you are not responsible.

this way he can thumping wave your dudes and alter beast them, but you don’t lose because of that.

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I want:)

aaaalright! after begging and nagging JuveyD organized us a discord tab in the official duelyst tournament discord. here’s the link for you to join and enjoy:

I reaaaaally want to co cast this, but my life is in a very busy moment right now


one of my favourite events in the e-sport scene is the summit of dota2. i love how people can just sit down on the couch and be a part of the casting crew.

i want to do the same, only online. so if you want to co-cast, just drop by on discord and join the voice chat. this way you can be part of the event for however long you want!

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I’ll try to find a couple of hours to spare and show up :slight_smile:

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