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Anime reccomendations from a mega weeb


Ponyo want ham!


Is this the new or old Vania?


Theres a new one?


These are from the newest expansion


Yeah no that first image was for the alternate hero

Also those look slow af


They were meant for aggro blood though


What the fuck did I just watch?..


I knew there was new vania cards but I don’t think even that will make me play SV again.


I only play the story mode at this point. Because I only play once in a while, that is enough to keep me busy. I enjoy trying to beat those busted cross-craft decks.


I’m confused…


Lol…well I can’t help you there…

I assumed you would know exactly what I was talking about. My bad.


Take two is the best.
Still think you can do better at 6 mana, could be wrong tho


Anyone gonna watch the new Legend of Galactic Heroes anime? I’m assuming its just going to be a modern version of the old show.


I wish there was an anime jeopardy show


haven’t, but will check it out!

@saltystabwound lol so there are some rage-inducing moments, noted. thanks!


i’ve heard some rave reviews of the old version, to which other series is it comparable?


None, to what I’ve seen at least. Only watched about 20 episodes of the old version and the 1st episode of this new one. There isn’t really a good way to describe the show in my mind, because there is a lot of different elements and characters. Think the old version holds the record for the most amount of different voice actors in an anime.


I want to see that one just because theres a reference to it in The Dark Forest.


If the whole show is like the first 20 episodes I’ve seen, then its worth watching it all. The only reason I haven’t watched it all is because its 110 episodes long, and I’ve been burnt out on watching long anime series. Since I watched all of Bleach, Naruto, 700+ episodes of One Piece, and dropped a couple of other long shows like Fairy Tail (somewhere pass 100 episodes) and D.Grayman (somewhere in the 70s episodes).


Degenerate trash anime is best anime.