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Anime reccomendations from a mega weeb


Sounds cool, will watch later after i finish initial D


The film is pretty good all in all, but there are some scenes that made me want to bash someone’s head in with a lead pipe.

Almost choked out one of my friends after watching the last scene. @jiroooooo and @littlebelsprout can confirm


I feel you, the film could have been so much better with some adjustments to the plot


It’s still a fantastic film nonetheless. The writing and timeline may feel quite janky, but the theme and message were masterfully delivered. I have to admit that I did enjoy the director’s previous works more, but that’s really not saying much.


I was messing up Jiro’s arm throughout the whole movie. HAHAHA

You wanted to murder someone at every mention of the movie’s name.


Baka and test- kinda echii, but still super funny


Baka to test to shokanjuu! I know that! Hahaha

I didn’t get to finish it because ecchi isn’t really my favorite genre, and some of the fanservice is really forced. Haha


Yeah, that kinda makes sense, lemme look some more up


Shokugeki no Soma and Sakamoto desu ga are pretty good. I almost hate them. HAHA.


Yeah i was just bout to throw those out XD
Then of course, the modern classic konosuba


Over 600 options and i could barely even find a few that werent echii


The ending and the hand scene made me hate all life for a prolonged period of time.

After (how long has it been?), I’ve settled down and learned to accept that the film had a few scenes that were FUCKING BULLSHI- I mean, scenes that were not very good.


The Gundam Build Divers OP is a goddamn banger holy shit


Not suee if thats a compliment or not (leaning on the complement side)


Banger = Good song.


… What happened to you?

Here is a sfw loli.


i am not ashamed to say that was the first and only cosmetic I bought in that game


Same here, Vampy-chan is best!


My man!

15someone understands :sob:


Someone stole my steam account, then changed the password so i lost my waifu

Spent so much time playing mrs basic fanservice in tutorials and crushing take two with an iron gauntlet too…