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Anime reccomendations from a mega weeb


I watch anything from Gintama to Parasyte, meaning that almost everything that’s not overly romantic, loli/weird, boring teen stuff or slice of life goes. My anime favs besides the aforementioned ones are Death Note, Hunter x Hunter, Mushishi and (short) Ping Pong the Animation.


Try gurren lagann, steins gate, and code geass.
Steins gate has an insanely good story, but is a tad slow in the beginning

Gurren lagann is amazing classic heroes journey with mechs

Code geass also has mechs, but is from a different perspective


Cod geass is also the most similar to death note, with the main story difference in characters being lelouch works with people more where light doesnt


Magi kingdom of magic is also one of the best fantasy anime with a hard magic system to boot imo


I think this thread can pass its predecessor


Your preferences are very close to mine. I also have watched and loved all the animes you mentioned except Ping Pong.

If the trend stays true, then two recommedations I would make to you is kekkai sensen (at the moment though, only the first 12 episodes) and Kekkaishi. The latter is very obscure, but trust me, it gets really good and it is not as flashy and gaudy as gurren which I don’t particularly like because it basically encapsulates the Dragon Ball theme in one. Shame it is only 24 episodes long.

Kekkai sensen is just amazing, the story is great, the characters are very memorable and although I am not one for technical stuff like this, the varying cammera angles they used to convey a certain atmosphere was very effective.

Also, I recommend another anime called Reborn. If you can get past the most whiny main character I have ever had to suffer through for 200+ episodes (because he never gets better), every thing is great particularly the arcs and characters, though it does have some amount of filler in it similar to Naruto, shippuden specifically.


Seen and liked Stein’s Gate, seen ~10 episodes of Lagann and wasn’t my thing for some reason, Geass has been on my watchlist for ages :slight_smile:


Ooh nice I haven’t heard of those, thanks :slight_smile:


Stiff I forgot to mention during my anime hype state. Kekkai sensen is 24 episodes, but the last 12 suck, they are a HUGE HUGE downgrade from how good the first 12 were. Word of Warning though, the outro song for season one is addictive. I am deaf (not full on, but close) and as a result, I generally don’t listen to music, but dat outro song is my shit.

I might have spelled the name wrong, but kekkaishi is very old and good but takes a really long time to get good. In the beginning it seems very generic but it gets good and just to save you some worry there is no romance in the show so don’t worry about throwing up while watching.

Reborn is great and is +200 episodes, what more can you want?


What’s the name of that gambling anime with the guy with the pointy nose? That ones pretty good


Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor?




Seen samurai champloo? Black bullet has a little romance, but has some really nice thrills and action


i’ll recommend Mouryou no Hako and Paprika (this one’s a film) for something different

i’m mostly a Yoshihiro Togashi fan so HxH and Yu Yu Hakusho are some of my faves

i’m somewhat a Gundam fan as well, have a collection of the series starting with Mobile Suit Gundam but haven’t gotten around to downloading Iron-Blooded Orphans s2 yet


Nice! Yeah paprika was trippy, im pretty sure the director passed right? Pretty sad


RIP Satoshi Kon


He did Paranoia Agent too. Sad he passed, may he rest in peace.


Watching the ending of End of Evangelion is part of my daily routine.


We did it! We surpassed the previous thread! Also kiritsugu is pretty sad dude


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