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Anime reccomendations from a mega weeb


Completely unrelated to duelyst, but given the number of weebs in the forums, I thought a MAL style thread would be appreciated

Cant believe ive overlooked this so far- CORY IN THE HOUSE

SCI-FI- Steins;gate, neon genesis evangelion, code geass, gurren lagann

Fantasy- spice and wolf

Mystery- higurashi when they cry

And over 600 more im too lazy to list rn


Wait, weren’t we already doing this in the meme thread?


I’m really satisfied by your enthusiasm :sweat_smile:


Nobody is gonna tell him an anime thread had already been created?


Gotta love some nice anime with a side of duelyst, or vice versa





In any case, higurashi when they cry is great, gurren lagann, and a million other things in a list I got sitting around


Isn’t that one long dead already?


It is closed now, so this actually has sense


YES, Something finally worked!!!


Here it is:

Aaaand it is locked so this thread can be the spiritual successor.


I’m going to contribute to this thread by recommending Mahoutsukai No Yome. It is amazing. That is all.

It’s like 2 am here and I have to wake up at 5 for stupid graduation practice. Will be willing to discuss in about 5 hours


Guess I’ll just copy paste my response to the previous topic:

Note: this list is outdated by about 6 months.


Made in abyss is good.

Best dad 2017


*made in abyssian


TBF, it was pretty good in the first few episodes but after that it just turned into a cliche love story with the thorn monster becoming a jealous potato and the girl being so desparate that she dngaf who it was she was datinf.



Ohhh its the story with the redhead and self conscious mage man? Yeah I didnt really get why people liked it that muc


Yeah get in here miguel, also dont think i didnt notice that profile pic ryvirath


Have you seen Psycho-Pass? It’s one of my scifi anime favorites. Another older recommendation (although I’ve only read this as a manga, not sure if there’s an anime) is PLANETES. Just amazingly good story.


Interesting, I have defenitely heard and seen psycho pass before, but never really watched it, ill try to get around to it

Also, what genres do you like to watch? Or what do you find most important in an anime