Ancient Bonds: Vaath


I return after a long hiatus. My schedule is still rather hectic, but I will post when I can. To start off the Expansion hype I bring three new Magmar lists.


Juggernaught is insanely strong, he may just may warp the meta by himself, for now I am finding room for him in most decks. This one especially crams as much ramp as possible into the deck to abuse him.

It comes with some great golem synergy of which magmar probably got the best deal on. We did not go overboard with golems just included the best ones, leaving room for some standard magar picks. Taygete combos with ramp and thumping which of course pairs with the standard rush package.

The deck curves well so you can get away without draw, but you can run out of steam if you get countered or you cant find high cost stuff.

Its pretty competitive for the limited testing I have put in.

Edits: Plasma seems valuable in how the meta is developing, trying it out over taygete.


Eggs got some good support, sadly its still ultimately a gimicky deck, but it can pull off some devastating combos.

Cascading+rebirth is super cool. Opted for lava lance and shroud over thumping/morph/rush as it meshes with the deck better thanks to the abundance of eggs, and the ability to cascade shroud.

C-Burst is hit and miss but devestating when it works. You only cast it if its turn two, or an empty field, otherwise you wait to combo it with Khur either by equipping it the turn before, or as one big move at 9 mana. Khur is a solid equip, and can really make the deck do some crazy things and is a good beat stick to.

The three big magmar golems are just enough to get bond off with rage who is mainly there for rebirth. And we run the basic ramp package to cheat them out early.

Starhorn suits this first list better due to the very low curve. However I bring you “The Return of the Queen” an update to my old Queen Vaath list.

Cascading while cool, is ultimately to gimicky, the thumping package is just to good not to run, and with the success of my golem variants running the core 4 is hard to pass up. It plays somewhere between Starhorn eggs and golem Vaath. You can pull out your crazy huge swing combos some times, and when you don’t, or after your opponent has wasted all of their resources removing them, you switch over to golem beat down. A little torn between packing shroud for dispel or using young slithar for the synergy. Will probably be a meta call.


Now this one is really strong, tons of synergy and all the meta picks.

So many little combos: Ramp+Taygete/Juggernaught, Drogon+Crypto, thumping+rush/taygete, and topped off with some healing, removal and dispel.

It curves nicely throughout the game, and gets away without draw as It can win really fast, and as always by himself gives you a solid lategame. You tend to pull ahead early, and win if top decking does happen.

Really not feeling Sunsteel, he is a classic ramp pick, but you tend to want to save your flashes for Mankantor or Jugger, replaced him for plasma.

It’s pretty much a different deck at this point, but it seems that Drogon was actually the weak link with how awkward it is to set up some time. So I bring a more traditional pain list:

Now we have sun, taygete, and Lavalasher for a very sollid midrange list.

I know, usually my posts are a bit more spiced up, but I am tired and excited to share so just getting the stuff out there. Will likely come up with names and such later. Decks are still being tested, but feeling pretty good about them. Always appreciate feedback and constructive criticism.

I have made it to S rank for 7 of my 11 seasons, the rest was time off or Diamond when I had very little time to play. Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better for when I do eventually get around to it. For the rest of my stuff check here:

Ancient Bonds: Magmar continued

Very nice. I was wondering if you’d come back and post some sweet lists. Looking forward to testing these out.


While I wasn’t perfectly fine with the decks you posted in the past they almost always were inspiration for me to try things out. So I’m really happy that you’re back!


Inovation and inspiration are always my goal with my posts so glad I could help. Although I am curious what you did not like, I am always happy to get feedback.


I’ve noticed you tend to not include much draw in your decks.

Does this ever become an issue with the lists running kujata?


To say this at the first place: I know you’re open for suggestions and/or improvements for your decks so it has nothing to to with your person.

It’s more a general thing. There are some things going on in this forum and there is some behaviour of the mods and a few people of the community here that I don’t like. (Sorry to say this.) So I stopped going into things at a higher level, shouting out my opinion that much or going into an analysis of decks or something like that some months ago. So my postings are mostly a bit sketchy now, more to entertain myself then to be very productive. I’m a frequent poster here in the forums but I don’t feel like I’m one of the more important Duelysters out there.

So as a feedback for your decks:
It’s my believe that not any deck, even if it’s top-level, fits to any person. That’s not making the deck better or worse. It has something to do with the playstyle of the people.

To give an example: It’s some time ago where I tried a Keeper deck (I think it was one of your decks - I’m not 100% shure). I had a miserable win rate and didn’t know why. I feel convinced that it was a top-level deck but it didn’t work for me. When Sonofmakuta started his Keeper-threads at 9moons I tried again - and this deck worked from the first time I tried it.
Another example: I’m not able playing any deck of Grinch with success. If I netdeck any deck of Meziljie it works from the very first turn on (as J’s decks did once). For ME. That doesn’t mean that Grinch’s decks are not competetive. Who am I claiming something like that? They’re just… different and don’t work for me personally and others work.

Why do I tell this? I stopped writing down what is good/works and what is bad when it comes to decks. Especially when I expect they are from players that are most probably better players then me. You can find postings from me where I give some advices what probably would be better or not. That’s when I feel I’m talking to someone that has less experience or wants help or something like that.

(Much too) long story short: Nothing’s set in stone - so maybe some day, after trying another deck from this topic or another one or once my mindset changes I’ll give the feedback you deserve.
At this time I’m just happy you’re back - and I wanted to give you this feedback. I loved your master-thread and as a Magmar main I’m always happy if someone makes afford in pushing our faction towards to the next level.


In general it is better to play on curve if you can. Between the replace mechanic and good resource management it is not usualy an issue. However that can be a difficult skill to master.

Usualy if I need draw power in magmar I will switch to starhorn. Currently testing out a few variants with him that I will post soon.

But yes the dedicated golem list can run out of steam when you don’t find your juggernaughts, thankfully Vaath can carry a game in the top deck state with his BBS.


Thanks for the reply.

It’s true many of my decks are difficult to pilot, they require a lot of metagame knowledge, resource management, and careful planning. For example as it was just pointed out I tend to avoid draw power as I know how to play without it, but it is very easy to overextend or run out of steam when you do that.

I generaly avoid posting meta decks that are easy to play. I try to explain how I run decks, but there is usualy far more then can easily be put down or that I can think of.

But as long as I can share some unique ideas and play-styles I am happy, if people tinker around and find their own versions that’s great. Although I am always happy to try help teach how my decks work.


nerf the whole faction including general -1/-1 … general should start with 0 attack even starhorn -___- im already annoyed to the fullest


I love on-curve-decks. The deck I had the most fun with so far (I’m playing Duelyst for over one year now and maining Magmar from the first day on) was post Shimzar and pre Bloodborn. It had no card draw and ended at 6 Mana. And it worked sooo good.
So I think I’ll try the first one first. :smile:

Edit: Sister over Funsteel? I cut her nearly completely since the nerf.


Oh yea Taygete way better then Sunsteel! Her combo with thumping is amazing, and the ability to get immediate impact out of her with flash and juta is huge!

Sunsteel is a sollid midrange pick, but he is awfully slow. Immiedate impact is really important. Taygete gives us another source of AOE and kills big units.

Right after thumping came out, she made it back in to almost all my decks.


OUR BROTHER HAST RETURNED! Gonna immediately try PainMar!


Has anyone tried Godhammer? I found that by running it with Moloki you get awesome value - if you play it on its own it’s decent enough forcing opponent into awkward plays and generating great value. With moloki it’s just insane - pumping your minions up like crazy and forcing opponents to waste removal on a three drop instead of your juggernauts and lavaslashers.


I built your golemar deck and made some tweaks, have to say the base is really strong and a lot of fun. One issue I did find was a lack of big ramp goals aside from jugg, and I found myself trying to awkwardly stall more often than I’d like, so I threw in 2 meltdowns to great success. Just thought I’d mention it here


Oh God hammer is awesome if u can get eggs or any type of swarm going it’s a near auto win. The only problem is I don’t draw it enough like juggernaut I’m there wishing I had one in my hand… I remember one game I flashed a emp attacked 2 turns and cascaded to a juggernaut feels awesome.


Yea, games you do not find jugger are pretty awkward. My usual trick with jugger decks is always dig hard for him, and hold onto just enough ramp to be able to get him if you find him, replace the rest, and or use it on clutch plays like lasher or makantor. The deck is pretty good at stalling and slowly whittling down your opponent.

But hey if putting in another lategame bomb is what the deck needs for consistency cool, I will certainly mess around with that. The decks are still rather new and have lots of testing to be done. What did you take out for him?


They are two types presentation of decks,There is theorycraft approach and tested approach.The tested approach is player plays a deck reach Srank or plays a certain amount of games they present a deck.For example if i see f8d put out a deck you can be sure that he played 40 or 50 games with deck.To make a long story short testing your deck matters.It doesn’t matter if you reach S-rank your decks need to be tested on some level.

If your post are place for theory and trying out creative decks that kinda work be clear about that,I have all the cards in the game i have no issue trying out decks but not everyone’s that lucky, Imagine crafting cards to try a deck by a Srank player and just getting murdered.Just my opinion when i see on hiatus ain’t play for awhile presenting decks flags go up for me.For me at hey this deck is battle test on the ladder made it to Srank ,I have this win rate with deck lets you know how good deck might be to play

Just my feedback Anyways Magmar streamer to some degree I am looking forward that


Usually I spend a couple days on each deck before posting. But I had not posted in so long, and just wanted to share. I did put about 10 games in with each, and am continuing to test.

So this post is somewhere between theorycrafting and my usually thoroughly tested lists. I usually give more detail on how I play them, and endorse them as either S rank, Competitive, Gimicky/Competitive, or just gimmicky. But right now there is no meta, so its hard to say either way.

Just enjoying some expansion hype and getting back on the scene.


I took out an earth sphere and a tagete for the 2 meltdowns, but I actually think after a little more testing that one does the trick. I’m playing around with the last open spot, maybe I’ll give God hammer a whirl


i’m actually playing on a delay/sustain Starhorn using heals and removal until I get flash/Juggernaut into my hand. There’s so few things that can handle a defensive Flash/Juggernaut, the only one I’ve seen that was successful was a lightbender and that was only due to lucky egg placement. Other than that, the only thing I need to worry about is not losing before I can get those cards in my hand.