Ancient Bonds: Magmar continued


I am back with another round of Magmar decks, this time starhorn gets some love. Although in my previous thread: Ancient Bonds: Vaath the egg deck may be better suited to him anyways. Would have been nice to switch Controlem and Eggs so I would have a pure Vaath post, and a pure starhorn post, but alas its a bit late, anyways onto the lists.


Lets start off with the deck I have been soaring through diamond with, I am really quite fond of it. The name was born due to the Flood style game-play and of course Juggernaut. What does a force of nature like a Flood and Juggernaut (Xmen reference) have in common? They are both unstoppable.

It sports a very low curve with only two spells in order to better fuel Mandrake, and quite a bit of ramp to flood and or cheat out Juggernaut. Starhorn provides just enough draw power that you are never hurting for cards even when you dump your hand, keeping slots free for healing from minions and using them for removal. It has just enough golems to synergize with each other while keeping the rest of the slots open.

Game-plan is simple, puke out your hand, and dig for an early Jugger or Mandrake, while doing your best to control the field. Its surprisingly effective.


So the name is born from the decks incredible amount of draw power keeping your momentum, and of course Juggernaut (Xmen reference) who is rather known for gaining and keeping momentum.

Juggernaut is so good I am just off trying to splash him into everything, so here he is being tried out in my Anti-Draw Starhorn variant. I figured sporting a low curve and a ton of draw would help make getting Juggernaut consistent and when you don’t get you him that means you have the usual devastating Starhorn combos with Decimus and Vindicator.

Now I am not sure if its just my small sample size, but I did not find the deck performing as well as I had hoped, as your hands feel a bit cluttered and awkward trying to go from two very different angles of gameplay with jugger ramp and the anti draw style. Its certainly competitive but I am not convinced it is as good as my standard version, or as strong as some of the other newer mag decks.


Yes I know the name is a terrible pun.

And finally a more control oriented Golem Vaath list, rather then dedicated ramp from the last post. It favors more control spells and dispell, and opts out of a bunch of the cards that would conflict with them to make room, and skips breacher due to both the low golem and minion count.

Its a strong consistent list that does well against most match ups, it wont give you those quick and devastating wins as often as other variants, but slow and steady wins the race as long as you have a knack for playing control.

I have made it to S rank for 7 of my 11 seasons, the rest was time off or Diamond when I had very little time to play. Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better for when I do eventually get around to it. For the rest of my stuff check here:

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