Ancient Bonds: Impressions


The Ancient Bonds expansion has been out for just a few days now, so I decided to launch this topic so people could discuss the cards, and the state of our fledgling meta.

As of right now, I’m rather impressed with the expansion as it stands in terms of fun and interactive gameplay. Nearly every game I’ve played has been a long and drawn out one, which is awesome. Slower games are in my opinion much more entertaining and tactical then a binkers bonkers aggro one.

Some initial card opinions:

EMP: I was not looking forward to this thing existing, but due to the effect being symmetrical, its more of a game reset than an annoying finisher. I ended up finding it as a fun card to play with AND against.

Juggernaut: About as powerful as people expected. Played on turn 8 it’s by no means a game-ender, but when ramped out on 6 or earlier… you have to have a silence/destroy, AND the means to kill a few eggs if you don’t want to lose the game on the spot.

Sirocco: I can’t really tell yet if this card is good per-say, but it is certainly a blast to play with. It mimics a few bigger answer-or-die drops, but easier to answer and less of a “die next turn”, which, at only 5 mana, is fair.

Those are just a few of my impressions on our new expansion. I’d love to hear what others in the community think!
Did any cards surprise you?
Any cards you hate?
Any cards you like?
etc. etc.


As a humble wallnar fanatic who likes to run 20+ spells in my decks, I’m starting to save dust for my prismatic Loreweavers and Ghost Seraphs :laughing:

EDIT: Just remembered that there’s no way to craft Ancient Bonds cards, kappa. Feels bad man.


Just a quick thought about Peacekeeper some people were screaming loud about it.

Just remember all the fuzz about Exelsious 3 monthes ago, and just look at how much it has been played till today :wink:

So ? After couple of days after expansion launch, does Peacekeeper is everywhere in the meta ?
Asking here because I do maybe a dozen match/day and haven’t seen one.


As you said i like the fact that the game slows down quite a bit. Also this expansion is way more balanced than rotb and enables new decks. The only problem that i have is lavaslasher wich imho is op.


Sirccoo has been nothing but entertaining to me… I slo run Thundercalp so being able to steal minions is great. I find you should play ur first sirccoo early but ur optimal sky rock spawns should be about 5 of 6 of them. Opponents seem to want to pin you down and random spawns. Placement s means it’s harder to do so. Baits aoe spells out earlier which is great.

Juggernaut love it… You have to ramp that sucker out as early as u can for pure shock and awe. I love facing it as sajj cause it ends up like this


I was negative about the card. Unfortunately, I only played (literally!) 4 games since the expansion hit. I still think it’s too early to judge whether a card will be good and how prevalent it will be in the meta.


I wish i was running into the same people. right now i’m constantly playing against aggromar, aggro songhai, and a wide variety of mech decks with good hands. :smiley:


In all the experimenting and climbing I’ve done, I’ve seen a grand total of 2. One got turned into a dervish and the other didn’t stop me from dropping a Spiral Technique on Argeon.


I’ve seen one ! I’ve seen one ! :slight_smile: \o/


The decks that i face the most are golem magmar, arcanyst abyssian and arcanyst vanar. And a couple of golem vetruvian. All fun decks, not very conpetitive but fin for sure


I see them ALL the time when someone hits my juggi he/she just loves laying their eggs. Best way to watch a peacekeeper grow up is by placing a kujata or grimes right next to the general… They just can’t resist… Or to avoid dispell place a quarter master gauj in a spot away from them.


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