Anatomy of a Sajj


Where are her legs? Are they simply obscured by the wavy fabric under her steel skirt, or are they themselves the fabric? Or does she float, like Nimbus? Also, why does Spinecleaver’s shadow clip under the sword itself?



Where is her mouth? If any of the lines on her face are her mouth, how is her skeleton shaped to accommodate such strange orifices? Does Sajj have a mouth? Can she scream? Does she need to eat, if she has no mouth? Does her hat come off? Are those coolant tubes, or ornamental? Is the mark in the middle of her face a nose?


Does Sajj ever put her arms down? Do they hit her big armor skirt thing? Does it come off? (Real issue: Spinecleaver’s shadow actually does clip under her sprite when she is in the part of her animation where she compresses, it causes an impossible shadow, I think the tip of the sword drops below where the shadow begins is why.) If she bumps into a door frame with her enormous headgear, since it appears to be held in place by electricity & magnetism, do the floaty bits get knocked out of place? Do they spin?

These are the questions that keep me up at night.
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If you read the lore, you would know that sajj is sort of an Android made by zirix(I think).


Yeah, you’re right, she is completely mechanical, consequently, no need for eating or such. She’s also a Scioness and has psychic capabilities, so it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that the method of communication is telepathy.


Why does she sound like a male during her death animation?


Well she is a robot, I think her death sound is more inhuman than it is male.


Actually, Sajj lacks the lipstick, so Sajj is definitely* male.


I think this is a reasonable assumption


Ancient thread, long forgotten, by my vile powers I command you to arise!

More seriously, I am also curious about Sajj’s anatomy. Mostly:

Does Sajj have a tail or a snakelike lower body, like a naga? Or is that grey thing part of her skirt? Sajj’s MK2 skin has legs, but maybe she can just change bodyparts from time to time being an android.

BTW, I’ve heard we know the name of Sajj’s swords. I know that one of them is supposed to be Spinecleaver, and the other isn’t in-game yet, but what is it called?


Her other sword is named Thunderclap.

Also, she probably has legs under those dress-y things. All I know is those aren’t her lower body: they stretch too much to be metal.

But more importantly, can we focus on something? Just looking at her concept art… SAJJ BE THICC


I am not talking about her whole skirt. Only that part that drags along the floor, or what it may conceal. Look at the second picture, and say there isn’t anything hiding under that part.


Yes, that darker bit, if you look at her casting animation you can see it stretching. I’m fairly certain it’s just fabric. If you’re talking about the piece that curls around like a tail would, that’s also fabric (it goes all over the place in her animations).


I was indeed talking about the curling part. It is hard to discern by her animations, but I suppose you are right, it wouldn’t move so much if there was a tail there.


It does not matter. We can not choose what are we attracted to. We should appreciate her for what she is as a whole, her faults included. Regardless of how “weird” they might be. Anything else is just being disrespectful.

Oh wait, I think I missed the point.


I think you took a wrong turn on the way to the waifu thread.


Did someone say Waifu thread?


No, no, this is a science thread. Dissection of waifus is heretical and blasphemous.


Also, no one brought it up yet: why does she have roboobs?


I never said lacking a tail is something bad. Not that I dislike tails either.

@excogitator: More or less. this is about her anatomy. I plan on making a thread about her psyche and personality, but you can start one yourself if you have time.

EDIT: @thefirstgokun: I don’t know, maybe Zirix dislikes flat-chested women on principle.


From a lore perspective, I find Sajj’s design to be a bit strange. For the first fully inorganic life form, she looks a lot like the other Vetruvian. Perhaps the largest difference between her and any other unit is her lack of a mouth (and poofy lips).

I feel that this choice was intentional. The Vetruvian desire to be completely shielded from the things that harm organic life, to the point where fusing with a sand shield is treated as a religious ceremony. Sajj’s lack of mouth signifies her complete freedom from biological desires (food). If you notice, all other Vetruvian units with full art are shown to have mouths. To them this may be a cruel reminder that, no matter how advanced they are, they are tied down by the need for sustenance. Sajj, on the other hand is completely free of this.

Zirix, on the other hand, has an enormous mouth due to his jaw tearing during his fusion. Since he created Sajj, her lack of a mouth may be his was of dealing with his own mouth being a cruel reminder of his frailty. A lot of Sajj’s traits can be explained in the context of Zirix creating her, including the her femininity and hair wires.

@eternamemoria I already have: [Poll] Who is best girl?


I meant a thread for Sajj herself. We need to cast off all distractions to unveil her mystery.

And I love your interpretation of the mouth as a simbol of organic weakness. Personally, however, I see her lack of a mouth in other way:

I believe Sajj was crafted not simply out of creative desire, but with the express purpose of defending the Imperium (which I believe was at war with Aesteria at the time of her creation), explaining why her BBS incentivates her to fight enemy minions alone instead of endangering her own.

Her lack of a mouth could be not simply a reminder that she does not need one, but also a attempt to project the image of silence and aloofness, even if she can speak without it. Her humanlike figure would on the other hand be a reminder that she isn’t merely a weapon, but a work of art possibly superior to the people she guards.