An Update on Region Blocking


I would assume its due to legal reasons, meaning that holding to their legal agreement would be of far greater concern than of including new Chinese players.

Besides, Duelyst’s advertisement game hadn’t been all too great, so if they’re not already playing by now, they likely never will.


That’s really very straight and fair. Thanks, @stormshade.


My guess is that they are holding off officially entering China until they are ready to. I believe you need a Chinese publisher to officially enter that market for a PC game. You need to jump many hoops to get there

Talking about localization, I hope they begin localizing languages for different markets soon now they have more publishing muscle. I can’t imagine playing this game without a full command of the English language at this point.


I am really surprised and stupefied to find so many European countries like Serbia, Croatia on the “restricted countries list”. I wonder what the Balkan has done…

I have Croatian friends. If they visit me in my non restricted country (which happens regularly) can they purchase diamonds? @stormshade


Looks like that, accounts are not linked to countries, they jush had limittations deppending of the country where they are connecting on.


Yes it looks like that you are right. But to be honest I want to have an
official answer to make sure we are not doing anything illegal.


Thanks for the clear info!


Thanks for the list! Very sad for me, i am from ukraine… I am still able to login into duelyst through steam. Would like to know if that will be also restricted, or only the bnea account is. Shall i continue playing till i can or not? Also i had no idea that Ukraine could also be in the list as we have very few laws, which rules the internet. I purchased some diamonds in the last few weeks, am i eligible for a refund?


It might be an unintended lazy response to sanctions against Russia/Crimea.

We can’t do business in Crimea, is that Russia or Ukraine? Let’s just block both.


Your’re right at some point probably. It is not the first time Ukraine is treated like we are just part of russia in the world of gaming. However russia is still able to play, while we are totally banned :frowning:




Good to see this addressed!

I am very happy that banned people who just experienced a technical glitch will be unbanned!

It’s great that you now provided a full list of countries, and it seems obvious from the different rules concerning them (there’s 4 different categories) that you really tried to allow as many people as possible, so that’s really great as well (it would have been way easier to not be so precise).

Like seraphicreaper I would like to know if those in fully blocked countries (1st list) will be refunded if they bought anything in the last 6 months.

I hope you’ll provide a good answer to that as well so I can accept the offered apology and let the healing begin. :slight_smile:





I knew they’d pull through. Ty @stormshade and everyone in support, must suck not being able to release info until it goes through the whole department and is agreed upon.


Hi Folks,

I’ve got some answers to some questions below:


2 points:

  1. If anyone is in a blocked region and cannot play the game longer, and wants a refund, they can make a support ticket and we’ll do our best to help them.

  2. The orbs are not a distraction technique. That’s literally our thank you for your patience and sorry for the mistake. We realize that we can say we apologize all we want, but actions speak louder than words. In this case our actions are to strive to do better in the future, and please have some orbs to help make up for the mistake.

Please, do not use a VPN to connect to Duelyst.

PLEASE, do not use a VPN to connect to Duelyst. According to Section 4.a, Paragraph iii. of the Terms of Service: You may not Access the Services using any technology intended to mask or conceal your IP address, including any proxies, virtual private networks, or remote access services.

We have a zero tolerance policy on this, and if you are found to be doing this, while it is the last thing any of us want to do, we will ban your account.

So please, please, do not advise people to do this, and do not do this.

I’ve also seen a number of questions about why “region A, B, or C” is blocked in some way, and I honestly can’t answer that folks. It has to do with legal matters, and I am not an expert in that, so will not speak to those issues.




This means that literally no one is allowed to play Duelyst Browser Version at work (if “including any proxies” is really meant serious). I see a wave of banned accounts coming to us.
You really can’t take youself serious when saying something like that. And you have to ban approximately 1 account out of 4 if this is really meant serious.


Yes. Really sweet. KS backer from Ukraine here. How do I get a refund of my pledge? Going F2P was fine by me, but denying me access to the game I partially helped fund is a bit too much. Also - who can help with deactivating my Duelyst account? I can’t even do that since I can’t login. Thanks, BNEA!


You really think anyone cares about Ukraine?


@stormshade Is there any chance that the list will be modified in the future, concerning banning more countries or un banning some others.

Also, you said:

Does this only apply to purchases or if playing through the steam client people from this lists will still be able to play?

Thanks in advance.


You should (at least). And it’s stupid to think nobody cares.
Most countries in the world see Ukraine as an annexed state which is (on paper) still independent.
Blocking Ukraine from Duelyst is a bad misplay from Bamco if there are no legal reasons - and I can’t see them.