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An Update from Counterplay Games


I feel like it would be a waste to not utilize much of the artwork, story, and ideas you’ve created from Duelyst in another title.

An action-rpg with some of our favorite Duelyst creatures, much like the underappreciated “Darkspore” ARPG.

A survival RTS like “They Are Billions” or the upcoming “Conan” game.

A FPS or TPS like “Natural Selection”.


Always felt like the pixel art may have held the game back from achieving mainstream recognition like Hearthstone. edit Though I personally love the pixel art.

Appreciate the update. Look forward to more info on your new game.


Will there be any more official Duelyst Tournaments in the future?

Is there more things that can be done on content creation side of things in conjunction with CPG? As in Youtube and Twitch stuff. Since there are people who do make content on both platforms and it would be nice to try to highlight them as best as possible.


ssrrts, you bring up a lot of great points!

These are things we certainly consider and think about. I appreciate your thoughtful feedback. The world surrounding Duelyst was what originally drew me into the game (since I started as a player/ YouTuber).

I hope all has been well by you. :slight_smile:


This is very understandable. I appreciate the honesty


Nice hidden message!


Dang such observant readers. :eyes:


I appreciate the thoughts. Recently was tested to check for stomach cancer, all clear fortunately. You never know who’s on the other side of a monitor, hah.

I would also say, a “Smash Bros.” type game with tons of Duelyst creatures to pick from would be absolutely perfect.

Woodwenn is my hero.


As of right now, there are no plans for OFFICIAL Duelyst tournaments during the development of Godfall. After Godfall is released, we will internally explore our options. However, I know that community members (such as RHacker) have taken it upon themselves to host events/ tournaments. When approached by TOs, we are flexible and able to support them with some prizes and such.

I would be interested to poke your brain on what you mean by “things” that can be done? Are you suggesting promotion on our socials? Codes for packs and other content? Or something else?

To be clear, we don’t have plans for anything like this at the moment. But I am open to hearing your ideas and am happy to bring them back to my team. I can’t make promises, but I am committed to making sure the community is heard.


:magsad: Now why would you want to do that?
You’re making the lizards sad.


I say things because I don’t exactly know what can or can not be done on your side. For example Artificer Academy was a thing until it got discontinued last year, which may have turned off some people from doing Duelyst stuff on Twitch or doing reduced Duelyst content compared to what they might have done. Its probably something that couldn’t be continued and therefore got cut/ended. Promotion via social media, may not also be viable at the moment because Stormshade is probably being stretched thin, since Yariey left. Although, its possible someone else runs that stuff, but just from what I’ve seen on Twitter/Facebook is pretty much only been Diamond/Orb sales that got posted in recent months.

I would say promoting people who are interested in Duelyst and make content, getting them promoted would be a step in the right direction as an example. But its hard to give ideas when I’m not sure, what is doable from your side. I would be pretty much shooting ideas into the darkness, hoping that eventually I would hit something.


I’m sorry to hear about the scare and am relieved it all turned out okay. I know how stressful and taxing scares like that can be.

Haha all very cool ideas! :slight_smile:


Fair enough, was just curious to hear if you had any specific ideas! I will note all of this and bring it back to the team.

Thank you for the thoughtful response. :slight_smile:


Heyo, after godfall released will we see more attention to duelyst (balance, expansions, tournaments)?
Because I get where you are coming from but I need to point that people have left.

I mean, will you bring back duelyst into focus once godfall is out?


Hey snowshot,

ThanatosNoa actually gave a great response to a similar question above, so I will just paste that down here for you:

We’re not willing to commit to an answer about Duelyst expansions since our focus right now is on Godfall; anything we say now is “subject to change” (so we’d rather talk about such things once they’re set in stone).


Thank you juveyd for finally reaching out to the Duelyst community!

We have been waiting for a long time for CPG to update us making some kind of an official statement about the state (and possibly the future) of the game, and to me your post in the forum feels very relieving.

I have carefully read yours and ThanatosNoa’s post especially concerning the topic of expansions, but I still have another specific question for you:

Is there any chance that Duelyst will receive a balance patch and a bugs fix before the release of Godfall? Thank you!


Hey atheistmantis,

I’m glad you feel better after this post. That’s all I wanted for the community. Some relief and clarity.

As far as a balance patch goes, I will need to mirror ThanatosNoa’s response from earlier regarding expansion. We’re not willing to commit to an answer about Duelyst balance patches because our focus right now is Godfall.

I know that response isn’t ideal, but it is the best I can do at this moment.

Thank you for taking the time to reach out. I hope life is treating you well. :slight_smile:


This is super welcome. Thank you @juveyd. Sadly, I don’t know you since I wasn’t here for the initial year or so since the game’s release. Love the game and the community, however. I super appreciate your taking the time and effort to talk to us, not to mention how cool you are about it. :+1:

This is actually better news than I had expected. While I feel it was expected we wouldn’t see a new expansion, I’m pleased to see that the game isn’t planning to leave anytime soon. I’m marginally worried about how you worded your response about future expansions though.

  • How about future expansions?
    • There are no plans for future expansions until Godfall is released.

I expect the wording is noncommittal intentionally, and I’d love to know if it means whether

  1. there are plans for expansions but not until Godfall releases or,
  2. there are no plans for expansions until after Godfall releases, but the topic will be readdressed at that point.

Considering @ThanatosNoa’s post, I’ll not press the issue :slight_smile: . I’m just glad it’s not a 100% ‘No’ as of yet.

I think it’d be awesome if Duelyst got some massive advertising with a ‘revival launch’ if new content becomes a focus again, to rope in old and new players alike and get it that big jump start it might need. Not really my place to claim marketing knowledge though.


Thanks for the bullet to the forehead, now we can rest in peace until the call of the dead gods arise.



Thank you for reaching out. I don’t know you that well, but nice to know you care.


Hello, nice to see ya again!


I am glad you were able to communicate our community’s concerns and get this in motion.


Thank you juveyd, though it’s not the answer I’d have wished to be receiving it is still an answer and I appreciate it greatly.

I’ll take the chance to say something:

I care a lot about this game, I really think it’s absolutely beautiful and unique, and since the first time I started playing it I thought “somebody created the game I’ve always wanted to play”.
These days it’s the only videogame I’m interested in playing at.

I totally understand all the difficulties that can be faced handling a new project, and I totally respect the fact that CPG wants to invest their resources in the upcoming game, but for the future I hope you guys will be more in touch with the community without letting pass too much time before letting us know what is going on with Duelyst.

Thank you very much again for your response and I hope life is treating you well too :slight_smile: !

PS. Also thank you @rhacker93 for bringing this whole thing up to CPG’s attention :wink: .