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An Update from Counterplay Games



My name is Richard “JuveyD” Heyne and I’m a Producer at Counterplay Games. Some of you may remember me from 2017 when I served as the Duelyst community’s Head of Organized Play. I was responsible for the Duelyst World Championship, Duelyst Pro League and other sponsored community initiatives. I wanted to update you on the current state of Duelyst.

Before discussing Duelyst, since I was close with a lot of you just two years ago, I’d like to give a quick personal update and explain my role at CPG. Feel free to skip to the next paragraph if you want to jump right to section directly pertaining to Duelyst! My journey over the last two years has been a wild ride. When Bandai Namco first came on as Duelyst’s publisher, they agreed to take on the marketing efforts surrounding the game. Since tournaments/ esports fall under this “marketing umbrella,” I spent a couple of months passing the baton off. During this time, I was being trained to step in as a Producer for our upcoming project: Godfall. I would love to hear updates on your lives below, especially considering how closely I got to work with hundreds of you during my first year with Counterplay.

But this post is REALLY here to discuss Duelyst, not reminisce, though I do love nostalgia. Robert, as you probably know him as RHacker93, reached out to me regarding the Duelyst Reddit and forums. Upon reading through a series of threads related to concerns over the future state Duelyst, I talked to the Keith Lee, CEO of CPG. We agreed that the community deserved an update from us. Danny “ThanatosNoa” Ramos, legendary Duelyst Community Manager, assisted with preparing this post.

Bringing on a publisher for Duelyst naturally creates a transitional period where lots of pieces of the machine shift in order to ensure both parties best meet the needs of this community. The purpose of the publishing partnership was to bring that same passion to a much wider audience. We made some strong initial headway, but we weren’t able to grow our audience to the level that met the expectations of both our companies. CPG needed to keep the lights on and Bandai Namco needed to redistribute resources to other projects.

TLDR: Let’s address the key topics I’ve seen pop up on Reddit/forums.

  • Will Duelyst servers shut down?
    • There are currently NO plans to shut down Duelyst servers, which are currently operated by Bandai Namco.
  • How about future expansions?
    • There are no plans for future expansions until Godfall is released.
  • Are these choices being made by CPG or Bandai Namco?
    • CPG and Bandai Namco jointly make these decisions. For clarity, Bandai Namco still owns the publishing rights to Duelyst for PC and console platforms. Counterplay Games, however, continues to own the Duelyst IP.
  • Is Bandai Namco publishing Godfall?
    • Bandai Namco is not publishing Godfall. Counterplay Games is working with new publishing partners.
  • Mobile when?
    • Bringing Duelyst to mobile with the quality, performance and UX experience we expect requires a massive game overhaul since all our code is written in HTML5 without using a third party engine. We do not plan on revisiting Duelyst mobile until Godfall is released.

I believe that covers many of the concerns I’ve seen across the Reddit/forums. As I’ve alluded to earlier, please feel free to ask additional questions in the comments below and I will personally respond to them.

Lastly, I love Duelyst. Some of my fondest memories were discussing tournaments with Pylons, crowning Grandmasters, memeing with J, watching Dragall become a dominant force, and too many more moments to list. And who could forget Zaowi? I still remember the moment he became a Grandmaster… what a legend! I have no doubt that no matter where my career as a game developer takes me, Duelyst will always have a special place in my heart. I grew so much with all of you. That is why it hurt so much when I saw some of the posts and comments regarding the state of the game. It’s also why I insisted that I be the one to address all of you. I’m sure comments will range from confused to relieved to frustrated to maybe even angry. I welcome all of it. I want to hear from my friends again, and I want to do whatever I can in my power to make this better.

Thank you all for loving and supporting Duelyst. From the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry if you feel slighted by our inaction. It’s far from the intent of anyone here at CPG, and we apologize. We will learn from this and we will be better.



Forgive me for being so blunt but I’m unsure what the point of this post was exactly?



It answers key questions the community was asking. Maybe scroll up if you missed it.

Glad you’re doing well juvey, hope Godfall is coming along great!



No need to apologize for being blunt. Far better than beating around the bush. I believe silence on our end has led to a lot of uncertainty around the Duelyst community. I wanted to take the time to answer the top concerns I observed, as well as give a space for players to ask follow-up questions.



I hope I perhaps don’t come off as too much of a cynic for not offering high 5s all around that nearly 8+ months after development and for that matter communication ceased, that NOW of all times there is some moral need from the team to tell their fanbase that yes the game that hasnt been updated for close to a year isnt being updated any time soon. But we still care (now give upvotes)




Hey whyb0t, I hope life is treating you well! Godfall is a ton of fun to develop and is definitely coming along. :slight_smile:



I don’t believe you come off cynical at all, I understand and believe your point is valid.

By no means are we expecting upvotes. As I mention towards the end of the message, I welcome all responses; positive or negative. And you are right to say that it has been too long. But rather than continuing the silence indefinitely, I insisted we say something. It isn’t easy to bite the bullet and admit to making a mistake after all this time. But in my personal opinion, the community deserved it.



Any news is better than no news.

By the way, what’s the schedule like for Godfall? Any estimates on when it’ll come out?



Since any hope of Duelyst being touched is after Godfall,
what is the status on Godfall? Any news other than a game named Godfall exists?



Hey unktrial1!

We have not released a ton of info on Godfall yet, but we will be sure to give updates as they come along! For now, all public information about Godfall can be found here: https://www.polygon.com/features/2018/9/13/17853204/kowloon-nights-investment-fund-fumito-ueda-gendesign

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:



Hey humanclac, I responded to a similar question just above this. But for ease of access I will paste it here:

We have not released a ton of info on Godfall yet, but we will be sure to give updates as they come along! For now, all public information about Godfall can be found here: https://www.polygon.com/features/2018/9/13/17853204/kowloon-nights-investment-fund-fumito-ueda-gendesign

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:



Hey, thanks for talking to us about this.
I thought this was going to be a troll post for a minute and I was disappointed in our community

So first off I’d like to ask. Is there going to be duelyst expansions after godfall?

and secondly: What is godfall, exactly? I see that link is talking about something called “Kowloon Nights”, is that the same thing? Not sure if I follow.



The info is in the OP’s post, and in the article in the link he posted.



Need some time to read whole thing from link.
Here is a quick copy and paste on what looks relevant.

For Counterplay, on its previous game Duelyst the team both ran a Kickstarter campaign and ended up signing with a publisher. This time it’s doing neither of those things, in large part because it’s making something bigger and more experimental — to “nestle between that double-A and triple-A sort of status,” says Counterplay CEO Keith Lee — and wanted the budget and flexibility to do so.

Its new game is a fantasy third-person online action title called Godfall , which Lee says gets many team members back to their roots of working on larger projects, such as when he worked on the Diablo and Ratchet & Clank series prior to starting Counterplay. The team plans to release the game in 2019.



Hey @galaxydueler!

We’re not willing to commit to an answer about Duelyst expansions since our focus right now is on Godfall; anything we say now is “subject to change” (so we’d rather talk about such things once they’re set in stone).

Godfall is our upcoming ARPG project that, for similar reasons, is very “vague.” We’re still in early (pre-alpha) development which means anything we say or show off now may not be present in the final released product.

Kowloon Nights is going to be our publisher for Godfall, and you can read some of that here :slight_smile:



How long has Godfall been in development?



Happy to see this :slight_smile:



Happy to see you! :slight_smile:

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To be fair, the relevant info is 2 tiny paragraphs buried in a long article about an investment company…

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An exact date is difficult to pinpoint since during the early stages of development a lot of ideas develop organically and slowly take shape.

I first transitioned to my Producer role in July of 2017. This by no means was the “start” of Godfall, but it is probably the closest I can get to answering your question! Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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