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Hello everyone! I understand that in this current meta, there are far more cards to support aggro deck builds, and for that reason, aggro decks are far more popular right now. But I promise you that control is not dead! I finished my climb to S-Rank with the build you see here, which features a Control Vaath build. I wanted to hold off on sharing this list until I had reached S-Rank with the deck myself (I hope I don’t come off as show-boaty. I don’t have much time to climb, so I take pride in reaching S-Rank when I make it). While most cards in the deck are about what one could expect from a control Vaath build, there are a few outliers. I’ll explain the reasoning for adding in some of the less common cards into this deck.

Bloodtear Alchemist: In a meta filled with Reva Heartseekers, Abysaal Crawlers, and the occasional Jaxis and Pyromancers, this card is great for efficiently eliminating them for very little cost. It can also allow more for more favorable trading when your General is removing minions. Egg Morph + Bloodtear can also be clutch for those Four Winds and Shadow Sisters in a pinch.

Iridium Scale: I consider this a late-game card, as it is more impactful once Vaath has increased his attack through BBS. More often than you may expect, people play around Makantor by surrounding the general , making Makantor all the more awkward to play. But surrounding the general plays right into Iridium Scale, and can make for a great and cheap clearing option, which can lead to you being able to play other cards such as Earth Sphere and 2-drop minions. (I find it funny how playing around one form of frenzy can sometimes play right into another type of frenzy). The synergy with Egg Morph and Grove Lion can be some kind of nasty too. I love being able to frenzy an area and take no damage in the process!

Grove Lion: I hear of people saying that this card is too slow. Now, I’m not sure what their definition of slow is, but I’ve found its effect to have powerful immediate impact on the board. Solid stats, with the ability to endure Cryogenesis, Phoenix Fire, Makantor Warbeast, and Holy Immolation , this minion becomes a great pest, especially if you keep the board empty, which is what the deck is designed to do. Dealing with forcefield on an empty board is a nightmare, and will force an opponent to expend more resources than they would like to combat the problem. I especially love pulling off Iridium Scale with Grove Lion. I know I mentioned this already. I just love the value you gain from when you pull it off.

How to pilot the deck: This deck is played very conservatively. Oftentimes, I don’t even contest the mana springs with my general just so I can reach 3 attack in order to 1-shot the 2-drops. When you make trades, you want to be sure that you are trading as efficiently as possible.
It’s also very important that you know the difference between convenient removal vs appropriate removal. A Makantor might feel nice on one turn, but make sure that you don’t regret using it by the time next turn comes around.
Remember that you are the reactive player, so don’t feel obligated to trade for the sake of tempo. This deck has very few cards to take advantage of tempo anyway, and by not trading into minions right away, it might make your AoE options all the more efficient, which will increase you longevity.
Lastly, know when to go on the offensive. This is a very tricky decision to make sometimes because once you commit to being offensive, you want to make sure that you can finish your opponent off before they can beat you. Good indicators of when to start being offensive are when your opponent has very few cards in hand to combat your high-value cards, and having a large amount of healing in order to outlast your opponent.

So that ends the deck description. I hope you all find this post informative, helpful, or if nothing else, interesting. This is the first time I’ve provided a deck list on the forums, and actually the first time I’ve made a post on forums at all, so I want to make sure I make a good impression. I look forward to seeing you on the ladder in the future!


Just out of curiousity, how many wins did it took you to reach S-rank? And your deck seems to lack veyr few win cons, my guess is your game plan is to just completely grind it out correct? If so, do you have an abysmal win rate vs Abyssian? And maybe die to Songhai when you dont draw your plasma storms fast enough coupled with some earth spheres?


It took me about 90 wins to reach S-Rank. And you’re right to suspect that Abyssian is a rough match for this deck (just Cassiva really). Grove Lion to combat Obliterate? Lol!
The Songhai matchup, or at least Reva which is most prevalent, hasn’t been too bad for me really. I understand that if I don’t draw into enough healing or AoE that I’ll probably lose. Although, that’s to say I don’t draw into roughly one-third of the deck (possible but not probable), Any deck can lose a matchup when not drawing the right cards in all fairness.
As for win cons, I don’t have a lot of ‘direct’ win cons. I usually do ride it out like you were thinking. More often than not, I end the game with my general, so I suppose Vaath is my main win condition instead of a card in my deck specifically (although Bounded Lifeforce has been clutch in some games if there was one card I had to choose)
Overall, I play differently than my opponents. Rather than try to beat them first, I let them try to beat me. If they can’t, I win. If they can, I lose, It doesn’t sound very reassuring to play like this, but I’ve been surprised by what I’ve been able to outlast. It’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s been working well for me at the very least.


Pretty list, soo cheap!
Got a solid late?
Spirit harvester(never used but see in soo many lists)?better than skorn/bone (yay in late, i know)?
Atm I’m using this list:

Thinking to mount this list to try, atm I’m stucked at rank 9/8…


You sir make an excellent impression just so you know.

Your list seems decently constructed and the playstyle is very interesting and personally is much to my liking.

I’m actually curious how will my main deck may fare against yours.
Add me, IGN; Althur and we can have a friendly match sometimes.



Aren’t you struggling with opponent dispelling your BBS ?

Asking because when playing versus Vaath, I always try to dispell it when it reach 3 or 4 attack. And few times I played Vaath, that’s whant happened to me too :frowning:


Honestly, I thought this would be a concern too. You’re right to say that my general is the #1 dispel target in the deck. However, it’s always ended up being a more minor concern than I expected. If my opponent is using a turn to dispel my general, then more often than not, they’re not playing any large threats that turn, meaning that my AoE cards (Makantor and Plasma Storm primarily) usually do a great job of efficiently clearing the board. Besides, in this meta, most minions played don’t tend to have more than 3 or 4 health anyway (save Mandrake, Silvergaurd Knight, and Ironcliffe Gaurdian) so dispelling my general usually just slows down my ability to trade efficiently with opposing minions. These are my personal experiences anyway.


That deck list looks like a lot of fun! It’s not my personal kind of play style, but I can imagine how frustrating it can be for an opponent when you cycle your healing and removal with Alcuin Loremaster. Quite an interesting and unique design. And also, rank 9/8 is pretty darn good imo, especially considering that you use your own designs rather than look to standard builds.


Thank you for the kind words! I’m glad you find it interesting. As it turns out, we have faced off once before not too long ago, and I was using this list at the time. Not sure if you were using your main deck because I’ve heard you’re an experimental player, but whatever list it was, it packs a whollop! I’ll certainly add you the next time I play, and yeah maybe we can play again sometime! :grinning:


I’ve made some minor changes and it works wonders. At least for now, the season just started but I think it can carry me all the way through to s-rank.


I’m glad the changes you made work for you. I definitely considered Thumping Wave in particular as yet another removal source, doubling as a devastating finisher with Makantor Warbeast. Hopefully the climb to S-Rank goes well!


This deck got me from rank 6 to rank 5 this month already. Grove lion MVP


That’s great to hear! Grove Lion has been one of my favorite minions to use! There’s a strange sort of satisfaction that comes from abusing Vaath’s forcefield!


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