An interest in art!


I was watching some of the time lapse art on the YouTube channel and a thought struck me. I was wondering if anyone could offer some suggestions, it’d really help me out for the holidays.

My daughter is almost 10 and is showing an affinity for art. Surprisingly good, actually. She was asking me about getting her a program for our PC! I’m completely illiterate, unfortunately, but am hoping I can find some suggestions to encourage her passion.

Free or not. Please let me know about quality and capability of programs. Price ranges would be wonderful! I’m thinking of doing this for a present, so I’m prepared to spend some cash on it, if the quality is worth it!

She makes anime/manga on basic paint, so I’m interested to see what she can do with the right tools!

Thanks in advance!


Hello ! This doesn’t have anything to do with Duelyst but anyway, here’s my 2 cents !
Sketchbook : free with limited tools or 10 bucks or something for all the tools. It’s pretty good.


Gonna lock the thread, not Duelyst related.