An idea for advertisement


I posted this on the Duelyst Facebook page, but I’d like to post it again here in the hopes that it gets noticed by somebody important. Just gonna copy/paste the original message.

Would it be possible for you guys to partner up with another indie dev on Steam to get some characters in Duelyst? It might get you more exposure and I’m sure people would love to see a Tiny Barbarian or Hyper Light Drifter card. The art style from those games lends themselves well to your established sprite style.

Anything to get your game the audience it deserves. Stay diligent guys. Your game rocks.

I’d also like to add that getting some Freedom Planet characters in there would also be awesome. It has become a pretty big game lately and I’m sure people would check out Duelyst if they knew they could get their hands on a Lilac or Carol card. I know I’d pay money for an adorable Milla card.


I don’t really think such crossovers pull many new players in, to be honest. For me, they just dilute the thematic coherence of the card collection.


Every time I see those silly crossover “Hey check it out guizz we got dem tee eff two characters!!!” games on steam it just makes me wonder, what is wrong with your game that you can’t give it its own identity to interest people?


Not a game, but we already got four Penny Arcade (web comic) themed minions a while back so I suppose it’s possbile.

I’m not against the idea, but I don’t think it will bring any noticable amount of new players.

We have a thematic coherence? :wink:
Maybe in the real factions, but neutrals are all over the place. (Puppydragon!)


Exactly. These “meme” cards are the cards I like the least, thematically, and I’d prefer if they didn’t make more.


If we have tf2 characters in duelyst i would have to make every single deck around them.