An EggMar Spell That Makes Eggs Good


Immortal Blood
Give a Magmar Minion Rebirth.

[details=Lore]The blood of the Queen still runs through the veins of her sons. A few drops of it is enough to infuse a creature with its essence, making it a part of the Aspects, giving it immortality[/details].
I did soms lame lore because I felt like being a nerd.


I don’t think it’s enough to make eggmar even close being viable but it’s something I guess.


:confused: I don’t know how better it could get honestly. What can be added to Eggs? Pretty much nothing. I guess that’s the only thing left.


There were a bunch of ideas in a thread from a while back.
Basically there’s lots of options.

A 0 mana spell that hatches all eggs for example would already be better than this.

A 0 mana spell that kills all your minions and then hatches all eggs would be OP :slight_smile:

There’s stuff to do.


I didn’t mean my idea in particular, just things to add in general. Things that weren’t done yet. We have egg protection, egg spawning, egg hatching, I don’t really what could be added next.


0 mana hatch all eggs? 0 mana hatch ONE egg would be really strong. And honestly, probably perfect. Have to keep these kinds of spells with Chrysalis Burst in mind.

Edit: Anyways, the main problem with eggs is that there are so few good minions with it. Young Silithar is strong but not impactful, and Silithar Elder is too slow to be an issue (barring FR). Everything else is just kinda slow, with rebirth being too easily counterable for the stat penalties that most rebirth minions are stuck with. I think having a mini dreadnought that’s 3 mana and gives all eggs +1/+1 would be pretty great.


Personally I would want it just go give a +2 health bonus, so it doesn’t die to general hits. Egg damage is something I think should be used lightly.


I’m sorry, but this is Eggmar support that Eggmar doesn’t want. Let me put it this way, say you’re playing a Vanar Vespr deck with cards like Dryad, Glacial Elemental, and Huldra. Are you going to play a card that makes other cards Vesprs? Of course not, because your deck should already be composed of primarily Vesprs to the point where you don’t need a card to turn your minions into Vesprs. In an ideal world eggmar is the same, they want to run mostly Rebirth minions, which is their problem, there aren’t enough good ones. Young Slithar is great and Elder is a good late game threat but aside from that everything is mediocre or eh. For Eggmar to be a thing you would need to add at least two more really good Rebirth minions for it to be consistent. Scarizag actually made a video on Eggmar, here’s a link if you’re interested.


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