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An alternative towards mystery crates


As i stare at my screen,i see unopened:
2 Common,1 Rare and 2 Epic Crates.

I do have opened so far 3 commons and two 2 rares,getting Faie’s MKII skin out of them,but i could have lived without it.I opened them more out of curiosity.

I do have a proposition,even if they do implement a system of getting keys other than paying,how about we get the option to disenchant crates themselves,but for like 15% of their estimated value.

I am not able to do the maths right now,but for 125% free to play players,(not counting me as i have sinned),it could be an interesting choice.


Why? Current F2P system is fine as it is (not that I would mind more free shit). All we need is an option to delete them so people stop getting triggered by the crate count they see in the main menu which they don’t want to open.


Why delete them when you can get for example,50 spirit out of common crates,100 out of rare,and 200 out of epic crates.

EDIT: I am not denying the system is fine as is,but you cant at least hide the notifications.


Check out here for a script to disable the notification.


I do have the script.

The thing is,you should not need scripts to avert your eyes off of clickbait,which for some people makes them lose money.

I for one am really tempted to buy the 50-orb pack even though i got 3220 gold saved up.

I am suggesting an alternative to the current system,while waiting for any other ideas anyone may have come up with.


I do agree with this statement. I have the script installed but I still feel like it shouldn’t be required to prevent yourself from this.

I feel dirty using it.


Yeah, I think it is annoying that they don’t have a way to remove it themselves. However, they are a business and they need to make money, and they felt that that was the best way. I don’t agree, because even though it provides a psychological motivation to spend money, I think that companies should just make products that people want to buy, rather than using gimmicks like that.

I don’t think you need to feel dirty using the script. :slight_smile: I use adblock plus on my web browsers, but for sites that I like and that don’t have intrusive advertisements, I remove the adblock. I feel like CP is doing some intrusive advertising with the crates (the Shim’zar ad is not a problem I think).