An abyssian noob calling for help


I’ve been playing this game for 10 days or so, and I’ve been playing as abyssian a lot.

this is my deck and I would love any help with because I’ve been struggling with aggresive players while I’ve been destroying defensive ones.
my style is basically filling the arena with shadow creeps to make it harder to navigate it, while in the same time playing aggressively. I appreciate any help because I’m sick of getting pushed to the corner whenever i face a vitruvian.


You’re deck runs no 3 copies whatsoever, which will seriously hurt all chances of consistency in your deck. I would seriously recommend getting rid of a lot of your 1 copy cards so that you have room to run 3 copies of cards that you want consistently in a game.


I am always eagre to encourage an aspiring necromancer.

Here is my thread for new players, it has a good budget abyss deck:

I would certainly recommend starting with Lillith, creep is super expensive to make good.

I have a couple other Abyssian threads, as well as Cass stuff, but those are expensive/weird play styles I would not recommend to a new player.


thank you for the reply i’ve been trying to but using 3 copies really makes me feel that my deck is empty which doesnt help me play at all


thank you I’ll try tyour guide hopefully it helps


Typically running play sets of the best cards is better. Even if that lowers your versatility it provides consistency. I would rather have a good idea of what I am going to draw/replace for rather then just rely on the heart of the cards.


I’ll just leave this here, Volume II

Good luck!


I don’t mean that Cassyva is P2W, but
Spec Rev, Kron, Obliterate, Ghost Azalea, prolly Klaxon
’Nuff said


If aggressive decks are the problem, you should look into getting cards in there that really turn around a race. I was lucky enough to open spectral blade as one of my first cards, and that thing really hurts an aggressive player. Another is the shadowdancer which is an excellent card, even in non-swarmling decks. I have not tried the shadow sister either, but I imagine she should win you those games.

Other than that: I am not a fan of playing 3 of a card either, unless if it is really key to your overall strategy. For instance, I think a third abyssal crawler could be good. It is cheap, and cranks out creep every turn. People aware of cards like obliterate will panic and try to kill it if they can.

It has been a while since I played this type of deck, but I think Ooz and Night fiend from the new expansion are pretty great, based upon a gauntlet run I did. Inkhorn gaze also works really well in general in that kind of abyssian deck. Food for thought.

As for what to take out: I think it is best for you to think of that yourself. I used to play the vale hunter as well, and eventually I only ran him if I could make him bigger permanently. He just did not have the necessary impact against most opposing minions as a 1/2.


it looks very intresting thank you


I see what you’re tying to say thank you.
also the vale hunter I just use it as an annoying minion…if that makes sense.


No problem mate, if you stick to my guide I’m sure you’ll be climbing in no time!

Cassyva is tricky to pull off as a budget deck but I believe the variant I created works very well as long as you learn to board control properly.

Feel free to ask questions, cheers!


I’ve tried it( I had to modifie a lot because some cards are expensive and i hate having tipel copies) but the deck is way better thank you althur.
ps: can you add me in the game I’would to play againt yöu maybe learn something (my name is mrblooper the same as hére)


Added you in game however I currently seem to have some technical issue that prevents me from being able to chat. So until this issue is somehow solved you can only contact me on discord…


As others have mentioned the big problem with your deck is that you have waaaay to many cards with one copy of. You may think it’s good to have a variety of cards to do many things, but that is actually really bad. It better to have as little 1 copies as possible because you won’t have any control. If you need a certain card, you only have 1 of it in your deck, you will almost never get it when you want it, and when you finally do get it, you’re likely to get it when you don’t need/want it. Especially since most of the cards don’t really do anything for the grand scheme of your deck, cards like the bloodletter, bluetip scorpion, and vale hunter, are just random and don’t really have a place in the deck. If you want to use shadow creep, adding more cards like abyssal crawler will do a lot more for you. With the way this is now, you can only deal with certain things if you just happen to have that card which you only have one of in your deck. Not only that, but if your enemy uses the same thing again, you can’t do anything, because whatever you used to counter it, you don’t have anymore of.


speechless. it looks like you are trying to fit in to many cards and ideas at once. being versatile can be fun but you want to have more focus. the idea is t play the same game over and over again so you can win. they can throw anything at you, but as long as you rinse and repeat you should be glorious, unless that one person comes along. there will always be a counter to your deck. the idea is either be ready for it, or drown.


yes I’ve learned that the hard wayXD but thank you


mhm I know I’m knew to these card games (yogiho) is the only i plyed and it was ages ago abd it’s diffrent but thank you


In defense of “less than 3 copies of a card”, I think many cards are just variations on the same role a card can play. You could for instance consider playing 3 healing mystics, or 1 healing mystic, 1 rust crawler and 1 primus fist. These cards are very interchangeable in the first few turns. The diversity that they add to your deck could however be a big deal in the long run. Your opponent will not know what to play around for which you are paying a small cost. It just makes your deck well-rounded.

On the other hand, maybe your deck needs as much of “x” as possible. Then and only then you should consider playing something in triplicate. The question is also how frequently you want to see a particular card in a game. If you need one always as soon as possible, then 3 is the obvious count. If you want to see just one through a game, consider playing just 1. If you need 1 half of the time by turn 5, consider playing just 2. There should be more thought going into your decisions than just “play the least diverse deck all of the time”. This makes you predictable for a certain gain of power. Is that delta of power worth it? That is something to consider every time you build a deck.


You run mystic if your deck needs healing, you run fist if you have lots of low cost creatures to use it with…pretty rare for rust to be better then one of those, but if you are a deck with a horrible match up agaisnt artifacts then you want three. In all cases you either want all or none of those. That does not make your deck predictable, it makes it tuned. None of those your opponent will play deifferently wether you run one, none, or all.

If you need somethig before turn 5 but not after then you want three so you can actually get it before turn 5 consistently, even if you only use one. Otherwise it just turns into a dead card even more past turn 5 since you can’t reliably get it before then. The replace mechanic prevents it from being dead if you get it late, but only if you run a playset can you reliably replace to get it early.

Yea most decks need as much of X as possible, that’s what makes them strong. You can pick strong utility cards, but that does not mean you water down your consistency to do so. If you need a particular utility then you want more then just one of, or its just pure blind luck that you get it when you need it.

Pretty much the only time to not run a playset are with a couple things you will basicly never cast more then once in a game, stuff like Rite of the Undervault, Bounded Lifeforce, dominate will, or other high mana cards. Otherwise not running play sets actually makes you less versatile, less prepared, and less powerful. Because if you need something you can’t reliably find it.

If you need a certain tech enough to warrant a slot, usualy that means run a playset. Now there are games where running one copy is great, but those are games where you run play sets of tutors so you can find your one of utility cards. So perhaps if your trying to manipulate Artifact hunter, or Cryogensis this has merrit, but for the most part duelyst does not have tutors, and the ones it does have are random.