An Abyssian Deck I'm Using. Advice?


So, pretty much I’ve been using this deck and been pratting about with it. Somehow climbed up bronze, now I’m stuck at 20 Silver XD .At the moment I think the mana curve is too high and the card combinations are pretty much crap tbh, I don’t really know what to say other than that. Any advices?

Current Strats that I try to use:

  • Early swarm and Deathwatch
  • kill enemies and heal at the same time with BM priestess and shadowdancer

Cons of this deck as I have noticed:

  • Pretty much a gamble of early board presence
  • Too many high mana cards
  • A high mana curve ( I think that’s how the term’s used)

Improvement goals:

  • To be able to maneuver around most decks/factions
  • Have Board control, most of the time

Advice appreciated!!!

*Edit #1

I have tried to make this more of a swarm deck, advice on how to put in Shadowdancers or deathwatch damage dealers/healers. I tried out this deck a few times, was pretty fun but from time to time I just couldn’t do anything with the cards in my hand for some turns. If possible is there anything else I could improve?


You need at LEAST 9 2-cost minions to have a good chance of an early play, I reccommend bumping the gloomchasers and ephemerals up to 3 as part of those. Get rid of the horn of the forsaken and spectral blade. Pump wraithling swarm up to 3, its a grreat player 2 opener, also you don’t need shadow watcher there. The high hand is terrible, wind stopper also. You want 3 daemonic lures and 2 hard removals, be it ritual banishings (highly reccommended) or dark transformations. If you can, bump the bloodmoon priestesses up to 3.

Good luck with the deck :slight_smile:


Hey It’s a good start so far and for a swarm deck i suggest cutting cards like darkfire sacrifice, high hand, windstoppers and rock pulverizer as they don’t necessarily synergize well with what the deck wants to do and ultimately cause more inconsistency in the decks game plan. if you want a stronger early game i suggest cards like primus fist and grasp of agony; primus allows you to trade efficiently and grasp is great at punishing early positioning and securing control of the board. id also suggest x3 demonic lure its great removal both away and towards your general if the opponent played a threat in the corner like a 4 winds and x3 shadow sister, as abusing her healing can be incredibly powerful. the deck could also do with more removal like ritual banishing or a second dark transformation otherwise id suggest obtaining more copies of cards like reaper, revenant, and black solus to fill out the draw and curve consistency! good luck in Silver!


remove the high hand, its terrible. get rid of the wind stoppers unless you are playing against a LOT of reva or mechazor decks. you should include more shrouds for dispel and replace the dark transformation with ritual banishing (preferably 2 or 3) since they have really good synergy with lilthes BBS and swarm. add a third lure, they are super useful.

it looks like you are trying to do both ramp and swarm at the same time. try picking just one to focus on.

if you are going for ramp(big minions) add some more darkfires, spectral revenants and reaper of the 9 moons. replace the shadow dancers with kelainos for cheaper healing less reliant on death. get rid of the shadow watchers and the deepfire devourer. replace the horn and maybe the grimwar for a spectral blade.

if you are going for swarm (wraithlings+deathwatch), add more vorpal reavers and black solus’s. also add a third wraithling swarm, gloomchaser, and priestess. add more low cost minions, a lot more, and more drawing cards like rite or sojourner or even l’kian (you’re gonna need them).


I see. Also, what do you think of Archon Spellbinder? I don’t think it’s necessary, but i’m unsure


Not necessary at all. Better to have more spectrals. And you still need more draw. One rite of the undervault isn’t enough