Amateur Melee #21 (New Player Friendly Tournament) - Free Core Orb for Participants!


AM #21 is happening this Saturday, the 14th of October! Check-in is starts at 2pm PDT.

Players are eligible to participate in this tournament if:
-The player has not reached Diamond or S-rank in any season;

Only ONE copy of an Epic and ONE copy of a Legendary card is allowed in the entire deckllst - both main deck and sideboard included

Single elimination bracket. Matches are best of 3.

Sign up before Friday 11.59pm PDT to be entered for a chance to win 1 of 2 sets of 10 core spirit orbs! Registration will end at 2:59:59pm PDT on Saturday, right before check-in ends.

ALL Participants who play at their first round WILL receive 1 Core Spirit Orb for participating regardless of the outcome of the round.
Please visit the link for further information


May be a dumb question, but I didn`t see anything in rules about this. Are we allowed to use only one deck?


Register 1 decklist, play 1 deck with 10 sideboard cards. Total of 49 cards


When it says only one legendary and one epic does it literally mean for example that I could only have one singular copy of Grandmaster Variax in an Abyssian deck?


yes, yes it does

Deck building restraints
Amateur Melee will limit the decklist ( main deck and sideboard included ) to only ONE copy of an Epic and ONE copy of a Legendary card. I.e. in all 49 cards, only 2 of them can be the 1 epic and 1 legendary card. A Legendary cannot be replaced in lieu of an Epic card, vice versa.


primus fist bump!


I would like to guess this tournament isn`t getting streamed?


no, no it is not


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