Alternative Gamemode design!


I often hear people asking for casual mode or just different modes in general. So i’ve decided to come up with an idea that might result in different game experience.

So here we are! The Illusion Maskarade!

This is an alternative game mode that introduces a unique mechanic: mask.

Mask is a different kind of neutral card, which has to be put only one per deck in this gamemode.
Mask is chosen in deck building and grants a specific effect to your general and/or minions. Mask effect on your general cannot be silenced.

When the game starts your opponent cant see your general or faction, but you reveal yourself when you play your bloodborn spell or a faction specific card.

So now when we are clear with how masks work here are several effects masks can grant.

[details=Masks]Your general’s max and starting health is 45.

Your general takes 1 less damage on your turn.

Your general can move 1 additional space.

Your general can can use your opponent’s BBS as well as his own( they have a separate cooldown and can be used the same turn as your own)

While your opponent has more minions than you, your generla has +1 attack and provoke.[/details]

This “gamemode” aims at providing more tactical space and encourage archtypes that are not very popular or supported in ranked mode as you cant replace crads at the beggining based on you opponent’s faction. Also you as an aggro deck could use 45 health mask to trick yoour opponet into thinking that you are a slow deck. Or you could just avoid playing faction minions to make your opponent play around everyting (while hurting your tempo though as faction minions are usually stronger than meutral ones).

I think that this mode could be played only a few days a week as it does not represent that different deckbuilding rules that gauntlets does so think of it as a festival event.

So what do you think about mask mechanic? Maybe you would like to share a mask idea or something else to improve this concept? Would you like to see this gamemode as an alternative to rank? Tell me your thoughts!


I am thinking about a mask that adds a BBS that makes your minion untargetable by spells for a single turn but i might doom us all to bow down before the bloodmoon priestess.


Also i would like to see a mask that says “All your 5 or more mana minions cost 1 less”


I don’t know how to feel about this. The idea is good in itself, but, would it fit in the actual game?
And I’d rather see this mechanic implemented as an overall effect on a match than a card.


This is supposed to be an overall effect. Think of it as of another gamemode, like gauntlet. Just the deck you construct consists of 42 cards (40 normal cards,1 general and 1 mask). You cant put 2 or more masks in your deck so masks are a consistent way to further your gameplan and suggest some alternative replace phase in the beggining of the match. Feel free to ask any questions if i wasnt clear enough.


Oh, okay, for some reason I thought they were artifacts. It’s clear now.


The idea is really good, maybe some boost are a bit too good
variax abyssian with 45 hp is…strong.
Swarm lilithe using kara’s bbs
Songhais giving +2 atk on a reactivated chakri for a +3/1 buff with argeon
Spellhai with the magmar draw bbs
They aren’t this strong but they don’t really feel good either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe put one mask per day of the week and make some kind of draft or deckbuilding before.

A bit like some events on online rpgs


You have a point but you have to ask yourself: is the buff you get from an ability to use your opponent’s bloodborn spell better than for example making your 5+ mana minions cost 1 less as you cant grant that you will have the exact bloodborn spell combination you want. For example people might just not play those generals,whose BBS is standalone good.[quote=“edward4244, post:7, topic:7595”]
variax abyssian with 45 hp is…strong.

And about this…
Well, the mask with an ability to use your opponent’s BBS still exists :smiling_imp:.


Didn’t think about that.

Kleptomane vet will be a thing with that mask tho.
I want this mode to become real :blush:


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